Unique Uses for Domed Products

Unique Uses for Domed Products

A wide range of products can be domed to provide value, as these products become unique and stand out to potential clients. Whether you decide to dome promotional products or utilise them on your own products, they can have a few uses you might not have thought about.

So, what unique uses can domed products have?

For Marketing Purposes

Having quality products for events such as exhibitions and conventions is important for your business, as they provide you with more brand visibility. Promotional products are important as an eye-catcher at these events, helping to strike up a conversation with the audience

Why not take these products to the next level? Having domed promotional products can be a conversation starter in itself, highlighting your company’s logo and providing people at the events with a product they haven’t seen before. These products can function as a business card for your company, offering you a recognisable item that will ensure your clients remember you.


Protecting Vehicles from Key Damage

Alongside adding a domed sticker to provide vital information on vehicles such as motorbikes, domed stickers can also help to protect the motorbikes’ paint. Keys often hang down onto the side of motorbikes, and they can seriously scratch up the paint and incur costs to repaint the vehicle. In addition, a poorly placed key can also cause deep scratches that could be difficult and expensive to fix.


Add a Domed Maintenance Sticker

When servicing boilers or fridges, for example, you may wonder how to ensure that your clients know who to call or you may worry about business cards being easily lost. Particularly important for properties in which tenants are renting, you can add a sticker with your company’s logo and contact information on the item. And having it domed will call attention to it in a simple and unobtrusive way, making sure that your contact details are never lost.

We can dome stickers of all sizes, making sure you have the right solution for your business and item size.


Jewellery and Cufflinks

Having domed jewellery can be a differential factor for your business, as it can help you to offer a unique style for your clients. In certain events, such as exhibitions in where your company may sell handmade items, having domed jewellery and cufflinks is a great conversation starter – and could be the exclusive factor that helps clients to decide on you over your competition.

Capable of being used for a wide range of products, doming can truly help to set your business apart from your competitors. You can get in touch with us on 01995 606158 to know more about what we offer – we’re always happy to answer any query you might have!