News Flash for The Republic of Ireland

New Republic of Ireland Jigs and Digits

70 x 36mm Legal Size Digit System for 520 x 110mm and 340 x 220mm Plates

Following several months of development and testing, Dash Dynamics are happy to announce the release of their latest number plate digits and Jigs designed specifically to meet the specifications laid out in S.I. No. 287/1990*Road Vehicles (Regulations and Licencing) Regulations, 1990.

The digits have been drawn to the ultra-high tolerance of 0.001mm at a size of 70 x 36mm with a stroke width of 10.00mm as laid out in the above Republic of Ireland standard.

These are specific number plate digits and Jigs designed for the Republic of Ireland and are available either in Black Gel or 3mm Black Acrylic using genuine Perspex and 3M double-sided adhesive, ensuring the quality of our product is manufactured to the highest specifications.

In the UK our Gel and Acrylic number plate digits in Charles Wright font have been independently tested and passed the specifications laid out in BS AU145e, making us the first company to genuinely gain approvals with both materials to the latest standard and not simply self-certified. Unlike most companies, we can back up our claims with the actual required independent test results.

The same materials of our UK number plate digits have been used in the production of this latest Irish style to uphold our name as the best in the industry. The digit font itself was drawn completely from scratch to ensure total accuracy over several weeks. This font has now been copyrighted against use by any third party without our express permission of ourselves.

Our certificate can be viewed at Protect My Works under the reference ‘12234290722S039’, protecting us against our work being copied in 179 countries.

Number Plate Digits 3d gel
Number Plate Digits4D-digits-Irish

Number Plate Digits Jig Systems

Long plate JIG

To back these number plate digits up, we have created specific new number plate jig systems to produce plates with the highest accuracy for both legal sizes of number plates 520 x 110mm and 340 x 220mm. These jigs make the manufacture of plates very quick and easy to produce luxury plates for the Republic of Ireland market.

Square plate JIG

These new number plate jigs are also a protected registered design with the mainframe and inserts being cut and etched in Black Cast Genuine Perspex. The number plate jigs are also fully protected designs with Protect My Works under the numbers: ‘12234290722S033’ and ‘12234290722S030’.

How We Use Our Number Plate Jigs

To understand more about how the system works, you can check out the videos we made to help you. These videos explain exactly how easy it is to manufacture plates using our systems.

How to use the Dash Dynamics Irish square number plate jig for number plates measuring 520 x 110mm Jig:

How to use the Dash Dynamics Irish square number plate jig for number plates measuring 340 x 220mm Jig:

Whilst we do manufacture other digit styles, these new products have specifically met the style and size required for the Republic of Ireland.

Dash Dynamics

There are a couple of other companies that offer digits in this same size, but these are simple stretches and squeezing of the UK motorcycle Charles Wright font, which means that the stroke widths of the font can vary between 8mm on Vertical, and 12mm on Horizontal. These do not match the required stroke size of 10mm at ALL points of the digits (including Corners), where they can only be achieved by the long process of drawing from scratch.

Due to the high quality of our products and the time taken in their development and testing we are not the cheapest on the market (and never will be). Dash Dynamics, are a fully listed limited company in the UK specialised in Resin Domed products, including number plate digits.

We are a serious, reliable, and ethical company, that does not sell low-quality products. If you wish to produce the highest quality plates for your retail customers, we are the best company you can choose to work with.

Please note that we only supply to the trade. We do not manufacture completed plates (most of our competition supply to the general public as well). We also do not supply loose digits as a DIY kit for the public to make their plates and we do not sell via online marketplaces. Dash Dynamics is a true B2B company only.

We also do not produce designs with glitter edges or colours, and we do advise companies to avoid these types of products if they wish to avoid penalisation via new extra legislation within the Republic of Ireland.

Due to the way Irish plates are configured, we have created starter packs covering these products which provide a suitable spread of letters and numbers more suited to the Republic of Ireland. These are available in a range of types to cover both jig styles (either individually or combined) with either Gel, Acrylic Digits, or both. This allows you to tailor the way you wish to enter the market or add further styles as you move forwards.

Contact Us

If you require further information on the prices of the number plate digits and jigs, or if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us via or give us a call between 8 am and 4 pm on +44 1995 606 158.

We look forward to working with trade number plate suppliers.

Please Note: Due to the time costs involved in designing and testing our Jig systems we do not supply these to dealers not buying their digits from us. Our Jig systems are subsidised to aid dealers in manufacturing complete plates using our digits.

News Release: 70 x 36mm Plante Number Digits and Jigs 01/08/22. DW