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Products & Services

Custom-Made Resin Domed Products, 3D & 4D Number Plate Jigs, Keyrings, and So Much More

At Dash Dynamics we specialise in the design and manufacture of 3D & 4D number plate jigs, resin domed badges, and so many more brand identity products. We are proud to be a B-2-B business, providing our high-quality services and products across a wide variety of industries within our global network. Our domed badges and number plates have a long life expectancy as they are incredibly durable. You can make your brand pop with our quality branding products today! Explore more about our range of products here!

Union Jack Domed Rectangular Badge

Resin Domed Badges

Our Resin Domed Badges are one of the most durable, resilient, high-quality solutions for your club or branding. 

GAS IT tamper proof Label

Tamper-Proof Labels

Create further protection for your company branding or product with our tamper-proof labels that self-destructs when tampered. 

360 Graffix Sticker

Vinyl Stickers

Our ink-printed vinyl stickers can be made to suit any shape, size, colour, or brand. An ideal alternative for Resin Domed Badges

Printing machine


At Dash Dynamics, we offer state-of-the-art printing and cutting services for a wide variety of products and materials. 

Union Jack Keyring


Keyrings are a perfect solution for enhancing the brand awareness of any club or business. 

3D Black Gel Number Plate Letters and Digits

3D & 4D Number Plate Jigs

We are the largest supplier of 3D & 4D number plate jigs in the UK for DVLA-approved dealers only.

Architecture graphic design

Graphic Design

Our skilled graphic design team has years of experience to help you create the perfect logo, design, or text to make your branding pop!

Letter 'A' 3d Gel Domed Number Plate Digit

Automotive Products

We are specialist automotive manufacturers in the UK, providing a wide-range of products for your vehicle

Products & Services

Custom-Made Resin Domed Products, 3D & 4D Number Plate Jigs, Keyrings, and So Much More

At Dash Dynamics we specialise in the design and manufacture of 3D & 4D number plate jigs, resin domed badges, and so many more brand identity products. We are proud to be a B-2-B business, providing our high-quality services and products across a wide variety of industries within our global network. Our domed badges and number plates have a long life expectancy as they are incredibly durable. You can make your brand pop with our quality branding products today! Explore more about our range of products here!

Todds Motorhomes domed Badge


Motorbike Number Plate




Carbon Number Plate Letters


Why Choose Dash Dynamics?

We put care and attention into every project.

We provide a Speedy & Reliable Service.

Our products are made to the highest standards.

We are a well-established & trustworthy business.

We have a global customer-base & can ship orders internationally.

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Philip AchilleosPhilip Achilleos
14:31 14 May 22
Excellent service from Dash Dynamics. The workmanship on the badges are fantastic. Size, picture, quality and delivery is second to none. Wheels look fab. Definatly recommended and will use again. Thank you.
Gilly BoshoffGilly Boshoff
10:07 05 May 22
Great service, lovely staff, couldn't have been more helpful and so happy to see our Funky Ram stickers on the back of our campervansThank you
Zoe Brodie-JamesZoe Brodie-James
11:11 16 Sep 21
Superb personal service. Very reasonable price and a great product. They recreated my wheel dome stickers and did a fab job with a fast turnaround. Thank you Dash!
Number 1 PlatesNumber 1 Plates
10:34 25 Jul 21
We have been using Dash for many years now and we would never even think about jumping ship, before we found these guys we had so many supplier issues, but these guys sorted all that and now its so easy and the goods are always fast and perfect and very fairly priced, what more do you want. !!! First class service.Thanks Again
Safe T TintSafe T Tint
15:10 02 Jan 20
We place quite a few orders with Dash Dynamics, the quality of their Resin letters is fantastic and their delivery and customer care is second to none
How can we help


For UK shipments

UK shipments are made using Royal Mail (up to 2kg) or Parcelforce/UPS (2kg or more). Shipments typically arrive within 24 hours of dispatch. Please note that this does not include production time, which is a minimum of 24 hours for domed products following final approval of the design by yourselves.

The Royal Mail First Class and UPS/Parcelforce services are actually stated as 1-3 days and ‘next day’ is only an indication of their normal service. We cannot be held responsible for delays due to them providing a slower service.

Small orders are normally sent by standard Royal Mail service. Slightly larger Orders are sent via a recorded delivery system. A Guaranteed Next Day delivery is available on ALL orders but whilst normally carried out this is not always achieved. Dash Dynamics cannot be held responsible for any external carrier issues.

Please note: Products are not shipped until full payment has cleared our Bank.

For international shipments

International shipments are made using Royal Mail (up to 2kg) or ParcelForce Worldwide/Independent carrier (2kg or more). Shipments usually arrive within 3-5 business days. Please note that this does not include production time, which is a minimum of 24 hours for domed products following final approval of the design by yourselves.

On request, we can ship via your preferred carrier in most cases. Prices for International shipping vary depending on the area of the world and in some cases the shipping time may be greater than the above quoted.

Full customs documentation is provided by ourselves to make the transit of goods smooth through your Customs systems. However, Customs do make mistakes for which we cannot be held to account.

At this moment in time, we are unable to charge VAT on international purchases. VAT will be payable upon import by yourselves at your National VAT rate.

Your products will be released to you on payment by yourself of any VAT tariff applicable to your country.

If you have a VAT deferment account please provide this to us so we can advise the shipping company. This should mean your products pass through your local customs without the need to pay for each order at the time of entry to your country.

For EU countries only

Products manufactured by Dash Dynamics are wholly made using UK-sourced materials. This means that they are eligible for preferential origin (zero tariffs). Import duties are not applicable within the EU. Only your local VAT tariff should apply. If you have an EORI number, you must provide it to us to claim VAT at the time of your delivery.

We include this within our shipping documentation to aid the transit of goods through your local Customs Clearance systems.

The Rest of the World

Import duty payments are controlled via your local customs systems and are often based on the value of goods being shipped as well as the source.

Dash Dynamics will provide a full invoice without our UK VAT being applied. Please provide your EORI number and VAT Deferment information, where applicable, to help us ease the transit of goods through your Local Customs.

It is your responsibility to pay both any Customs Duties and Local VAT before your products can clear your local customs.

Most Rest of the World deliveries are done via Air Shipping to reduce shipping times.

As we are in the hands of independent shipping companies and your Local Customs clearance, Dash Dynamics cannot be held responsible for shipping delay by them.


Dash Dynamics are a wholesale supplier of Number Plate components to DVLA registered Approved Number Plate Suppliers only.

We are registered by the DVLA to manufacture and supply complete plates to the general public, however we made the decision to not do so.

In this, Dash Dynamics are very different to virtually all suppliers of such products, not wishing to be seen as competition to the very people we supply.

As Dash Dynamics do not sell any product via eBay we do not accept PayPal.

Dash Dynamics are a supplier of only the highest quality products available and we feel eBay does not reflect our standards.

Yes. Dash Dynamics can produce any graphics you supply and will advise you of any changes which may be required to achieve successful domed results and the materials most suitable for your application.

You can upload graphics up to 64mb directly. Please click on the Enquire tab to give us both your details and artwork and we will get back in touch.

For files larger than this you can email us directly via along with any questions you may have.

For files over 64mb we advise the use of an external system such as WeTransfer.

Vector files such as .ai, .cdl, .eps are preferred as we can manipulate these easily should any changes be required to produce successful results. However if you only have images such as .jpeg or .pdf we can work with these too but these limit or ability to ‘tweak’ for the highest quality end result a touch.

Sending a photo of something and asking us to produce a badge usually does not produce acceptable results (and can incur large artwork costs if we have to draw from scratch). We can cut an image from a photo but the end result will be poor and normally not be the shape you may actually want as photos are often taken at a poor angle.

It is always best to give us the true sizes of any badge you may require (Height and Width). That way we can ensure your badges are made to the exact size you require. If these sizes do not match the ratio of your design we will advise you and forward your artwork modified to the size ask for comment/approval.

When producing artwork please allow a small bleed beyond your hairline cutline (the shape/size you want the badges to be made). We use our own cutline format so a contrasting colour helps us to know exactly where the badges are to be cut. Please tell us this colour (CMKY code is preferred but if not just let us know what the contrasting colour is).

We can resin dome complex shapes but it best to contact us via phone after sending your artwork so we can advise you if they require any modification.

If designing graphics yourself, please be aware that highly complex designs (which may look great when blown up on your computer screen) may not produce good results when reduced to the smaller production size you require. We can advise you over any such issues.

Dash Dynamics produce badges from a single up to many thousand run orders.

Obviously we may have to apply artwork costs if we have to spend time working on your design to produce great results and will always advise you regarding this.

In most cases we can provide you with a good idea of any artwork costs but as these can take more or less time they may change from any quoted figure.

Due to a few customers asking us to produce artwork and then not going onto production, Dash Dynamics reserve the right to ask for pre-payment for artwork prior to starting your project.

Dash Dynamics only use the very best of suppliers for our products.

Wherever possible we use Metamark vinyl’s, as these have the best track record for providing us with substrates which never vary in quality.

Unlike a lot of resin domed badge manufacturers we do not use syringe applied resins. These are never consistent as they require the person doming the badge to squeeze out the resin manually until they believe they have applied about the right amount.

Companies using computer controlled syringe systems are better but as they normally are using a dual piston system using a pair of standard 300ml cartridges. These normally rely on the movement of the pistons by a small amount to give the delivery to the mixer head. The surface area of a 300ml cartridge can be very large when compared to the amount of forward movement required to give a metered dose.

Dash Dynamics use computer controlled precision twin gear pumps. Each tooth of the pump represents a very accurate volume. We have three such machines at our disposal. Two of these are new, custom-built, UK manufactured machines made to our exacting standards and are not off the shelf lower quality plant.

All production is checked at each stage during it’s manufacture from printing through to final dispatch.

Dash Dynamics only manufacture resin domed badges on self-adhesive vinyl. We DO NOT Resin Dome onto paper as this can make inks ‘bleed’ should they get wet.

We are happy to send out samples of our work FOC for customers placing larger orders and prefer to do this prior to final production on such orders to ensure you are happy with our results.

Dash Dynamics only produce to customer specifications.

It is your responsibility to gain the approval for any design which may be copyrighted.

By placing an order with us for a product for any registered design we are taking your word that you have already gained such approvals.

In some cases we may require proof of such approvals.

Absolutely. Since our formation, over 25 years ago we have worked with many high-profile companies and design houses where prototypes are being produced.
In virtually all cases we have signed non-disclosure documentation for your peace of mind and never share information with third parties.
Obviously, we love to supply once a product moves beyond the design stage (our volume rates are competitive) but fully understand if you wish to take a different manufacturer for full production.
We work out our production rates accurately to include all of our material and operating costs and give us enough profit to remain viable.
Should any factor in these calculations change we will advise you prior to moving forwards with future orders.

No Problem. We are always happy to discuss your concepts and then create completely new artwork, which we then submit to you for comment.

Artwork time is expensive and on small orders may be more than the cost of the end product but our rates are amongst the lowest in the industry.

We will advise you of these when starting any project on your behalf.

Resin doming is a tricky process with many variables. If you’ve ever tried it you will know!

We are always happy to provide a resin doming service to Printing Companies and will happily dome your production if you send it to us.

In these situations it is best to contact us prior to sending production to us so we can advise you over the best way to print and layout your production to best match our production systems.

Alternatively you can send us your artwork and we will carry out a full print and dome service to save on costs of shipping in two directions.

We NEVER approach your customer to try to cut you out as if we did this we would stop any future business with you.

We are a very ethical company.

Dash Dynamics have submitted and passed independent testing to the exact standards laid out in BS AU 145e.

These test results are available on request to any DVLA registered number plate supplier.

Self-certification is allowed in the UK but most other companies have simply done this without independent testing (in many cases with absolutely no testing whatsoever).

Our testing was completed by a respected and independent UK company using the exact equipment and methods required with passes in all categories.

This makes us the first company in the UK to be able to truly state we have met the standards with both Acrylic (4D) and Gel (3D) digits.

Our acrylic digits are only manufactured using genuine Perspex and the highest standard adhesives on the market.

Being the first company in the UK to produce Gel digits nearly 20 years ago we learnt early what to use and how to make these digits to the highest standards available.

We are not the cheapest, but we are the best and provide superb service. We guarantee that even though our price may be a bit higher than some competitors, our quality is great!

The DVLA have a very useful document INF104 (here). This document covers all the rules regarding the construction and displaying of number plates in the UK.

The DVLA state that all components used in the production of number plates must meet the new BS AU 145e standards.

Please be aware that the ONLY colour allowed by both the UK and Ireland is BLACK (or White and Silver for early Black plates) in the Charles Wright Font to specific sizes for Cars and Motorcycles.

This document also covers the way the plate MUST be laid out and sizes and dimensions for plates and what is allowed.

Many other companies offer products which are different to this either with alternative surface effects (such as Carbon, Highline, Glitter, Shadow, or Coloured Edges) or Coloured Digits in the case of Acrylic Digits to which a Black Digit is supposed to be applied.

These alternative digit designs do not comply with BS AU 145e. The UK DVLA states that anything which looks like a number plate and is used on UK roads is still classed as a number plate. This includes so-called ‘SHOWPLATES’.

Should you choose to drive on the public highway with a non-compliant plate the police have the right to stop and issue a fine and potentially remove your right to display your specific registration number.

Dash Dynamics have produced alternative styles in the past and we still offer these but only on the proviso, that they are not to be used on public highways.

Generally, they are only made to special order, unlike our Standard Black Compliant Digits which are supplied ex-stock.

Last year Dash Dynamics sold close to one million digits within the UK and Ireland.

To make the production of number plates simple, accurate and fast we support most styles and sizes of number plates with highly accurate jig systems making the placing of digits easy. Our jigs are constantly under review and modified to improve their performance still further.

The Republic of Ireland has its standards which again is Black but with different Dimensions and Stroke sizes. Dash Dynamics now supply both Digits and Jigs designed specifically to these Irish rules. The digits have been created from scratch and drawn to an accuracy of 0.01mm.

Dash Dynamics protect all its designs against being copied by third parties and take legal action against any company attempting to copy them.

Dash Dynamics are open between 08.00 and 16.00 local UK time, Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays). Outside these hours it is best to leave us an email and we will get back in touch.


Our History

At Dash Dynamics, our expert team create high-end branding solutions across numerous industries across the UK and internationally. We are domed badge manufacturers, starting from humble beginnings 26 years ago in a very niche market producing specialist custom car dashboard kits. Our business output and capabilities have evolved over the years leading to the successful Dash Dynamics of today!

Over time our growth in various other resin dome products grew steadily. We were the first company in the UK to manufacture resin domed car number plate digits. We are a trusted digital supplier for automotive businesses that sell completed number plates.

Big changes were made in 2016 when the company was taken over by David Wilkinson. Since then, the company has changed from a successful one-man operation, into a team of dedicated, highly skilled manufacturers and graphics designers. In 2020, production reached 1.5 million domed products, a proud milestone for Dash Dynamics.

To create the best possible end product for customers, we use the latest technology and do so under strictly controlled atmospheric conditions. Our number plate digits for cars and motorcycles comply fully with industry regulations.

All of our products are bespoke to customer requirements. We specialise in small-scale production runs but want to help customers with whatever orders they're looking for, whether it's large volumes or individual designs.

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