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Promote and Elevate Your Corporate Business with Domed Badges

At Dash Dynamics, we are a specialised domed badge company that can both design and manufacture our products, accordingly to our client’s requirements. We have been in the field for over 25 years, supplying many companies across the UK.

So, if you want to promote or elevate your business, you can be sure that our personalised gel corporate domed badges can help you, whether inside your premises or outside. We can attend to both small and large orders, as well as either accept your design or do the design for you.

Corporate Domed Badges Applications

There are many occasions that you can enjoy the domed badge benefits for your company. These include:

domed badges for corporate events


Make sure your visitors will find your business at a big fair, or that you will correctly promote your company with the right accessories in a race, festival, or conference. Having good quality personalised corporate domed badges will help elevate your event and make brand recognition easier.

They will help your brand to stand out from the others and spread a sense of high quality, superior brand. Domed badges are also waterproof, so if your event is in an open place, no need to worry about your labels and logos!

Appliances and Machinery

Make sure you will get your machinery and appliances correctly labelled to avoid embarrassment, injuries, waste, and more. Having labels on specific products or machinery may be necessary to your field, and domed badges can be a great ally.

Domed badges and vinyl stickers last longer than traditional labels, avoiding the cost of repurchasing new ones, while tamper-proof labels will help your staff and customer to feel – and be – safer.

domed badges for corporate appliances and machinery
company vehicle with domed badge and stickers

Company Vehicles

You can also help promote your business outside even without an event. Automotive domed badges and vinyl stickers can be added to your company vehicles, once again, helping your brand to stand out with quality and superiority.

As mentioned above, our corporate domed badges are waterproof and highly durable, and they can look just great in allow wheel centres badges, next to your car emblem, and more! You can also add a custom keyring to match your company logo and show it everywhere you go.

Internal Recognition

As well as promoting and elevating your business for your clients, it is also important that you do the same with your internal staff. We all want our employees to be proud of their workplace, without mentioning we want them to be comfortable and confident.

Therefore, as well as the appliances and machinery domed badges, you can also help your employees and visitors with personalised corporate domed badges to indicate places, rooms, machinery, and themselves.

The use of personalised name badges can help increase the recognition of people, reducing the embarrassment of forgetting a name or confusing people, together with making sure they will also have the correct pronoun so everybody will know the best way of talking to them.

domed badges for internal recognition

Custom Dome Badges: The Corporate Advantage
The corporate landscape is teeming with competition. It's crucial for businesses to utilise every tool available to distinguish themselves. Custom Dome Badges for Corporate, offered by Dash Dynamics, stands as an unparalleled tool for such differentiation.

Events & Brand Recognition
From conferences to festivals, domed badges offer instant brand visibility. These badges not only elevate your brand's perception but also ensure that it remains etched in the memory of attendees. Their waterproof nature ensures durability even in open events, freeing you from worries about wear and tear.

Essential Labelling for Appliances & Machinery
In fields where precision is paramount, the longevity and resilience of domed badges make them ideal for labelling machinery and appliances. With tamper-proof labels, both employees and customers are assured of safety, reducing risks and liabilities.

Drive Brand Visibility with Company Vehicles
Why limit your brand's exposure to events when your fleet can be a moving billboard? Custom dome badges and vinyl stickers on company vehicles act as roving advertisements, consistently projecting quality and excellence.

Internal Recognition: Foster Pride & Efficiency
Beyond external promotion, domed badges also play a vital role internally. By providing employees with personalised name badges, businesses foster an environment of recognition and inclusivity. This simple act can significantly boost morale, as employees feel acknowledged and valued.

A Commitment to Quality
At Dash Dynamics, our 25-year legacy stands testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you're placing a small order or need badges in bulk, our team is equipped to cater to your specific requirements with precision.

More Than Just Badges
While our expertise lies in crafting exceptional corporate domed badges, we also specialise in a range of related services. From automotive badges to number plate digits, we provide holistic solutions tailored to corporate needs.

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