Irish 70 x 36mm 3D Gel Number Plate Letters and Digits


Dash Dynamics 3D Gel Number Plate Letters

The Irish number plate letters and digits have been designed specifically to meet the Irish standards laid out in the statute files under S.I. No. 287/1990 – Road Vehicles (Registration and Licencing) (Amendment) Regulations, 1990.

Dash Dynamics Irish 3D Gel Number Plate Letters Rights

As the Republic of Ireland has no standard font, we looked around to see if any standard font was suitable and decided none were acceptable. Therefore, we used our current UK Motorcycle font as a starting point and could have created something which looked sort of OK simply by stretching the height and squeezing the width.

There are a couple of companies who have gone down this route, making their number plate letters technically incorrect. This makes any horizontal stroke too wide and any vertical stroke too narrow. Dash Dynamics then started the process of designing a completely new font from scratch which met the standards of both 3D gel number plate letters size (70 x 36mm) and stroke width of 10mm.

This is a very long-winded process. It took us a couple of months to draw the 3D number plate letters and digits to the accuracy we wanted, which was within 0.01mm for the height and width (easy to do), and stroke width of 10mm (not easy). This approach makes our digit style the most accurate available, with superb results!

Having spent this time like all our number plate products, we have protected them worldwide against copying without our express permission, and under a licence which allows their right to use but not to further redistribute to other manufacturers.

Having designed the font, we then moved on to creating Jigs for both the standard 520 x 110 sized Oblong plate Jig System, and the 340 x 220 Square plate Jig system, the two standard plate sizes for the Republic of Ireland.

To further support our products, we manufacture IRL Euro End Badges and Gaelic County badges in Gel format to match our digits. The use of these additional badges really makes 3D Number plate letters stand out as a very high-end product. We also produce the Gel Hyphens used to split each section of the number plate.

3d Ireland number plate digits

Number Plate Jig Systems

Dash Dynamics Number plate Jig systems have been designed to work directly with these badges. Like all our products, our Jigs are manufactured using the same materials used in the production of our UK BS AU145e products to ensure they are most likely to comply with Irish regulations should these be changed in the future.

If you would like to know more about our number plate Jig systems, check out our Jig section, or discover more by watching our video below.

The Irish Government may adopt similar rules to the UK about Number Plates in the foreseeable future.

3D Gel Irish Number Plate Letters

Irish 3D Gel Number Plates Product Packs

We are happy to send out samples of our digits FOC should you wish to see them before purchase to check their quality. At Dash, we offer starter packs consisting of only the numbers and letters used within the Republic of Ireland.

The spread of digits used is loosely based on the frequency at each digit that appears by county PLUS the 520 x 110mm Jig. We do manufacture the rest of the alphabet should you need these. Should you wish to take on the 340 x 220 jig too, this can be ordered at the same time or later.

Like the Metro Font, we do not advise the use of these digits to manufacture UK plates as they do not comply with the UK Regulations here.

Irish Number Plate Jig System Videos

Irish Standard Number Plate Letters
Irish Square Number Plate Letters

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