Badges for Trailers

Custom Badges for Trailers

Do you Manufacture, Sell or Rent Trailers? Dash Dynamics are your answer to Branding and Safety information with our Resin Domed badges and stickers that can cover all your needs.

Many Trailers spend most of their time on the road, so why not advertise who makes it or sells/hires it? Rental Trailers are particularly suited to quality graphics and badges and potential users of such Trailers need to know who made, sell, or rent them.

Stickers are OK, but they have a limited life span due to getting damaged or simply peeled off, even though in some situations they may be the best choice, usually, a resin domed badge is the ideal one. A resin Domed badge will last for years and as it looks quality it’s far less likely to be removed.

Todds motorhomes domed badge industrial branding

Custom Resin Domed Badges for Trailers

Our resin domed badges are useful for many areas for trailers and much depends on whether the trailer is owned or rented. It can even depend on where the trailer is being used. For manufacturers and renting trailers, our badges are a perfect solution to your branding needs. The simple act of adding wheel centre badges raises the image and quality of your brand.

There are many safety implications to using trailers. Being able to provide basic information clearly in a format which will last for years is important. Trailers are more often than not viewed from the sides and rear, so why not add a quality badge to these areas? One of the biggest manufacturers of trailers makes a point of this, so why not you?

Why Choose a Branded Badge for Your Trailer?

We can produce badges which detail important items such as tyre pressures, maximum loading, hitching and jockey wheel instructions, and tailboard instructions. The list goes on. We can incorporate your logo into the designs to give your trailers a corporate identity. They even work well on accessories such as trailer lighting boards.

Owners normally take the trailer as a stock item and that’s it, but some like to make the trailer identifiable as their own, this is especially important where trailers are part of a company.

Having high-class resin domed badges or stickers/graphics identifies a trailer as belonging to you. Every time the trailer is on the road it acts as a rolling advert. Again, having that crucial information and instructions on the trailer aids your users to remain safe and within the law.

company vehicle with domed badge and stickers
Car Trailer

Badges for Trailers Going Abroad

If you are going to use your trailer abroad, you need to identify it as coming from the UK.

For commercial users, there are new laws which have to be followed on any trailer being used within the EU for any trailer above the gross weight of 750kg and for all trailers being used even in a non-commercial way, with a gross weight of over 3500kg. In all cases, you must display a UK badge on your trailer.

Our resin domed UK badges or stickers are easy to apply and the use of a resin domed variant really adds a bit of class to your trailer. We supply these to a number of distributors and can provide you with details of these in you simply wish to buy a single badge. We cater for lightweight trailers, such as Camping and Motorcycle Trailers right up to HGV Articulated units.

Box trailers give you many more options for customisation. We can supply both graphics and resin domed badges for these. If you run a race team, we can supply you with smaller variants for your fans and followers.

Large commercial trailers must be registered and display a supplementary number plate showing the secondary registration number (See INF 291). We produce jig systems for our number plate dealers who can provide individual plates.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for our products or a trailer manufacturer or rental company we are happy to discuss our products with you or design to your requirements.

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