Body Protection

Vehicle Body Protection is an essential part of keeping pride and joy in tip-top condition, and the resin Domed badges are a great solution for it. Here at Dash Dynamics, we have a wealth of experience in making components to get the basics right.

Very Little is beyond our capabilities and our in-house Graphics Design team is on hand to make your ideas a reality.

Cars, Vans, and Trucks Resin Domed Badges

  • Door Protection

Doors are one of the parts of any vehicle which are likely to get the most issues. They can be damaged and scratched in case you are in a tight spot in the car park if someone has parked a touch too close to you, or if someone is passing with their jeans or bags too close to your car.

Therefore, at Dash Dynamics, we manufacture a range of resin domed badge edge kits to fit the outer edge of your car door, where there’s likely to have contact. We can produce in a range of colours, but our most popular tend to be our Carbon range. – Pictures?

As long as resin domed badges are placed correctly on the most probable point of contact, both the individual's car and the car next to it will be protected. They are discreet and simple to fit, plus they don’t stick out or hold water behind like the clip-on style.

Whilst door locks are used less due to remote central locking where you do have to use them, they often get marks around due to the keys contacting the vehicle’s paintwork. Another issue is when cars have been broken into via the locks.

In both these cases, Dash Dynamics produces lock surrounds to prevent or cover the damage that those can cause.

  • Interior Protection

Dash Dynamics originally started up to produce interior resin domed badges Dash Kits, hence our name. These are produced in a range of colours such as Burr Walnut, Carbon, Black, and more.

We still manufacture these today for selected Classic Vehicles and can manufacture them for any vehicle if we have access to it to make patterns.

The pattern-making process is long-winded to get perfect and whilst we have made one-off kits, it’s more suited to Distributors or Vehicle Builders who take enough to make the artwork process time sensible. We generally prefer to have access to the Dash itself for several days to ensure the perfect fit.

Creating a localised area protection system, such as a seat belt lock or cup holder, is easier, but we’ve even made air vent surrounds for the customisation market. Other areas that usually suffer from hammering are the loading areas and door sills, but again, here we can manufacture custom resin domed protection strips for those too.

This shot shows the edge strips used for Range Rover seat belt protection. The seat belt lock is positioned very close to the edge of the centre console and it’s easy to hit the delicate surface of the console. The edge strips both act as a protector and also cover earlier damage in most cases.

It also shows the gear selector dial with a resin domed badge as an additional feature rather than the OE aluminium finish)

Car interior domed badge

Motorcycles Domed Badges

When it comes to bikes, we Motorcyclists are ultra-keen in protecting our machines. This is also why we produce Protection systems for the following areas:

Tanks, Locks, Petrol Caps, Heel Plates, Luggage Areas, Panniers, Headstocks, and in fact, virtually any area can be protected with a well-designed resin domed badge.

Not only do they work, but if well designed, they can enhance the appearance of the machine. We are happy to work with Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Dealerships and Shops to produce Protection Systems for vulnerable areas.

For Specialist Bike builders, Resin Domed badges are a very cost-effective method of selling yourself. Should you require a protected logo as part of the design, we ask you to gain the approval of the manufacturer prior to the commencement of any artwork. This is your responsibility.

Specialist Vehicle Builders

We have a wealth of experience working with specialist vehicle builders. For many builders, one of the biggest issues is finding solutions for vulnerable areas at a sensible price, but our resin Domed products are perfect for this.

Not only do they protect but they can also enhance the vehicle and be a great way to get your name out there.

Even if you are doing Van Lining, for example, it makes total sense to have your name on the outside of the vehicle to advertise your work, and a resin Domed badge is far less likely to be removed than a simple sticker. Should you require a simpler sticker, we can also produce them for you.

Other areas that can be covered and protected by our resin domed badges, are the switch panels and areas where you have had to cut the vehicle. The critical vehicle operating instructions can also benefit from our badges, as they stand out much more AND show you take great care and are proud of your work.

Body Protection: The Unseen Shield for Your Vehicle


The Need for Superior Body Protection

Vehicles, whether it's a personal car, a van, or a majestic bike, are investments of both money and emotion. Keeping them pristine is a priority for most owners. Body Protection ensures the vehicle remains free from undue wear, scratches, and dings, preserving its aesthetics and functionality.

Where Protection Meets Aesthetics

Protection shouldn't be an eyesore. With Dash Dynamics' expertise, vehicle owners can enjoy dual benefits: safeguarding vulnerable parts while enhancing the visual appeal. Be it for tank protection on motorcycles or the intricate edges on cars; our badges provide comprehensive safety without overshadowing the vehicle's inherent beauty.

The Value of Resin Domed Technology

Resin domed badges provide a dynamic way to offer protection without compromising on the vehicle's style. They seamlessly merge with the vehicle's design, ensuring that protective measures do not detract from the vehicle's aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the resilience of resin domed technology guarantees longevity, protecting your vehicle from daily challenges.

Enhance Brand Visibility

For businesses, resin domed badges not only protect but act as mobile billboards. Incorporating a company logo or brand message on these badges is a strategic move. As vehicles traverse different terrains, they silently advertise the brand, creating a lasting impression on onlookers. It's an innovative way to combine utility with branding, making every drive a promotional tour.

Customisation at Its Best

No two vehicles or brands are the same. Recognizing this, Dash Dynamics offers custom solutions tailored to individual needs. Whether it's a unique color, intricate design, or specific placement, our team ensures every resin domed badge is crafted to perfection, echoing the vehicle's ethos and the brand's identity.

Connect with Dash Dynamics for Comprehensive Protection

Body Protection is more than just a protective measure; it's a statement of care and pride. At Dash Dynamics, we bring together the finest materials, cutting-edge technology, and artistic craftsmanship to create unparalleled resin domed badges. For a consultation or quote, connect with our dedicated team, and let's embark on a journey to redefine protection and aesthetics.

Selling Yourself

Priory standard sticker for car

Including your business Logo is a great way to sell yourself. Our Artwork team can help you with this to produce either something subtle or In-Your-Face. Don’t fear including it.

Resin domed badges work particularly well with exterior protection, where it’s seen by all passers-by, but they can be used on interiors as well to good advantage.

If you would like to know more about our resin domed badges for automotive uses or for a quote, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be happy to help you with any queries you may have, as well as help you to protect your vehicle while helping your brand to stand out!

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