3D Gel Number Plate Letters for Cars


Dash Dynamics UK Number Plate gel letters and digits are manufactured using a variant of the Standard Charles Wright Car font shown within INF104.

Please note: There are many variants of the standard Charles Wright font being used by various suppliers which means we cannot guarantee our digits will correctly line up with either printed or raised digit plates. All producers of Surface Mounted Digits have the same issue, and this is one of the many reasons why loose digits should never be supplied to the General Public.

The 3D gel number plate letter modification is required because of the technical requirements when resin doming. This means we have to radius each external/internal corner for the resin to flow correctly and fill all the digits to our required standards.

3D Gel Number Plate Letters

3D Gel Number Plate Letters Quality

As part of our commitment to our clients and as an example of our quality products, the Dash Dynamics Charles Wright variant has been tested to ensure that our 3D number plate letters and digits can still be read by ANPR cameras (an important fact should a car be stolen).

We manufacture our number plate letters using Metamark® Vinyl, which is one of the industry leaders. We have used their vinyl for many years now due to their consistency in product standards.

Some suppliers buy vinyl from all over the world, however, at Dash, we found that cheaper products lacked quality and standards when we started producing resin badges over 25 years ago. If we cannot be sure of the source and standards, we will not even consider using their products.

Metamark® can guarantee the quality we need, and therefore, we only use UK Manufactured Resins and have used the same supplier for over 15 years with no issues. At Dash Dynamics, we also offer a 10-year warranty on all our number plate products.

3D Gel Number Plate Letters Standards

Dash Dynamics 3D Gel number plate letters and digits have been tested independently using BS AU145e standards and passed or exceeded the requirements laid out for the tests. Should you require our results, they can be forwarded by request.

Gel digits have a very different look to either Standard Printed Plates or plates produced using surface mounted Acrylic Digits. Many customers prefer the more subtle appearance of a plate produced using 3D gel Number plate letters, plus they are easier to clean than acrylic letter plates.

Tip: For their cleaning, just wash off with warm soapy water and occasionally give them a polish with household wax polish.

3D Gel Number Plate Letter Manufacturing

Dash Dynamics 3D gel number plate letters and digits are manufactured in Black (the only colour accepted by the DVLA). However, we also carry small stocks to order Graphite/Black Carbon, Black/Black Carbon, and 3D Shadow should special orders come to us, but please note that these styles are not legal on the Highway and are taken on by a dealer at their own risk.

In the UK, we are happy to send out to any DVLA-approved dealer samples of any of our digits FOC, so they can have an idea of our quality before any bulk orders. At Dash, we also produce number plate Jig systems to make the manufacturing of both Oblong and Square plates quick, accurate and simple.

For more information about our Jig systems, please click here, or watch our video below.

Our Acrylic Digits are manufactured using the same cut files as our Gel Products and can be combined to create a special product for your customers. We approve this as the natural curvature of the edges on Gel products does not change the shadow created by the additional height of a 3mm Acrylic digit.

Number Plate Digits Packs

Dash Dynamics offers a starter pack to new trade customers, which gives them a full pack of 350 Gel Digits (10 each 0-9 and A – Z, no Q’s) plus a standard oblong plate 520 x 110mm jig so you can start production straight away. Q’s are available for special orders. Our Republic of Ireland packs differ from the UK variant.

All orders are normally ex-stock including high-volume orders of more than 10,000 pieces. These are normally sent out via next-day delivery if ordered before 10 am.

Please Note: In exceptional cases, there may be a delay if we have been hit by many high-volume deliveries all at once, but this is generally only a couple of days to manufacture the shortfall in stock. In any case, you can contact us before any order to know more about it.

Contact Us

We are happy to answer any of your questions and assist you through the process of becoming a DVLA approved supplier if required. At Dash, we also produce Country Gel end badges to complement our Gel Digits as well as standard oval UK, SCO, CYM, and IRL domed badges for direct application to a vehicle.

Please note that Dash Dynamics are a trade-only B2B business and do not supply the General Public with any of our number plate-related products or complete plates.

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