Badges for Specialist Clubs

Resin Domed Badges for Specialist Clubs and Events

Dash Dynamics have been producing small and specialist resin domed badge runs for many types of Motoring, Sports, Events and Owners’ Clubs for over 25 years. It doesn’t matter what your need is,  we are sure we can do it.

Running an Event? What better to give out or even sell a Badge, Trophy or Memento of the event?

We have created resin domed badges for very small touring groups, helping each member to have this as a long-term reminder of that special event. We have even had comments from tour groups that it helps to make people want to return to get the next one.

These domed badges are popular with both Car and Motorcycle clubs.

Having an Anniversary of your clubs’ formation? Why not provide members with a badge to stimulate interest, especially if they’ve come along to a local or national gathering?

Resin Domed Badges for Name Recognition

Need to let everyone at an event know who important people are and their roles? We are happy to manufacture Name Badges along with the Role of the person. All we ask is you check your spelling of names and roles before sending.

Please note: If you are including a vehicle logo as part of your design it is important you ask the manufacturer’s permission to use it. Many manufacturers will even be happy to support you too as it promotes their brand at the same time

name domed badges

Other Uses for Resin Domed Badges for Specialists Clubs

resin domed badges for clubs

Want to create a kindred spirit? A badge fitted to a vehicle instantly makes other club members that you belong notice you, even if they don’t know you.

Running an event and want everyone to have a memory they can show their friends? Having a medallion with the event on it for each competitor can be a great addition to any event and competition!

Want to give out Trophies? Dash Dynamics can also do domed badges for trophies and medals. We can either give you some ideas regarding suppliers of trophies and then provide you with the event badge to fit it, or we can do the whole process on your behalf.

Want something to give the kids as a freebie? We produce resin-domed badges, but we make standard stickers too. Kids love stickers, even big ones. We’ve even printed posters and pictures for Charity Raising at rallies.

Go on put a smile on someone’s face! You may even get a future member.

Got a need to replace tired and worn-out badges on a vehicle or even produce a badge which wasn’t originally on the vehicle? No Problem. In fact, we produce many badges for vehicles which have deteriorated over the years and are the only way to make the vehicle look as if it came out of the factory.

Specialist Clubs Badge Solutions

Dash Dynamics is really your one-stop shop for all things club, including resin domed badges, standard stickers, medal badges, and more. We are easy to talk to and will advise you on what we require to produce the perfect results on your behalf.

We have a full in-house design team for organisations that need ideas, and we are happy to take your project from start to finish.

Our time is valuable, and we may have to charge you for the artwork of your resin domed badge if we must spend time on it, but our price for this is relatively low. If the production run is large, then we are happy to absorb this ourselves.

Just so you know, most of our customers are return customers. Can’t be bad! Contact us now for a quote or if any questions.

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