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For the highest quality black 3D resin domes number plate letters choose Dash Dynamics.

Our specialist team manufactures strictly in compliance with Section II of the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001. Our expert 3D number plate letters provide a fully legal way to increase the overall aesthetic design of your customer’s vehicle. Ask us how we can benefit your customers today.

At Dash Dynamics we make sure our 3D lettering DOES NOT interfere with the legibility of registration marks. Letters contain no reflective properties giving you peace of mind that no issues will be raised with the authorities (subject to correct approved spacing of letters).

Watch our video to learn about our 3D lettering process. We make purchase easy and will supply in bulk.

3D Number Plate Lettering from Dash Dynamics

Available Finishes & Additional Extras

Our service means your customers will enjoy the results of a bespoke 3D number plate. Expertly embossed lettering means registration marks are raised from the plate itself. 3D number plate letters not only look fantastic they provide a luxurious finish.

In addition to bespoke 3D number plate letters and as part of the comprehensive services offered, we produce country and EU Resin domed car badges. You can give your customer base this additional extra in order to further enhance their vehicle look.

Dash Dynamics are proud to state that we have become a leading outlet in the manufacture and supply of our 3D number plate system. Providing ONLY to registered plate companies, our ever growing reputation has seen us featured in Max Power and several other motoring publications.

Our Jigs used in the creation of 3D number plates assist in the accurate placing of our letters to current automotive standards. Perfect results are achieved every time.

3D Motorcycle Number Plates from Dash Dynamics

3D Motorcycle Number Plates

We’re excited to announce that right here, at Dash Dynamics, we now offer motorcycle 3D number plate letters. We are currently looking for stockists and distributors throughout the UK. If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch. Jigs are available for the accurate placing and production of each plate.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist or distributor for our custom 3D motorcycle plates, we would be interested to hear from you. Our specialist team make the process straightforward giving you access to 3D letters for your customers.


BSAU 145e number plate standards by the regulated certifying authority

Dash Dynamics is a fully certified supplier of 4D and 3D gel number plate digits

We are thrilled to share with all our clients that now Dash Dynamics is a fully certified supplier of 4D acrylic and 3D gel number plate digits accordingly to the current BSAU 145e number plate standards by the regulated certifying authority.

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Are you currently producing number plates? Are you looking for additional, luxurious style finishes? At Dash Dynamics our 3D number plate letters increase the aesthetics of every vehicle whilst proving highly complementary. 3D Plates are fast becoming a popular choice among vehicle enthusiasts and motorists.

Our 3D number plates are produced and distributed throughout the UK via our authorised distributors. If you are interested in ordering high quality 3D number plate letters from a secure provider, get in touch today.

It’s really easy to contact us. You can give us a call on 01995 606 158 or send an email to info@dashdynamics.co.uk. Alternatively, fill out our quick and simple online contact form. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

*Please note: We do not supply the general public with either complete number plates or letter sets for you to fit yourself.

*Please note: We do not supply the general public with either complete number plates or letter sets for you to fit yourself.

Contact one of our experts to discuss your requirements.