Badges for Domestic Appliances from Dash Dynamics

Badges for Domestic Appliances from Dash Dynamics

Here at Dash Dynamics, we are proud to supply premium polyurethane domed badges for domestic appliances. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these badges are ideal to place on your appliances to create an enhanced look that gives your products a luxurious finish.

Due to the high-quality UV-resistant resin used at Dash Dynamics, you can rest assured that your badges won’t fade or be vulnerable to the weather. Additionally, these flexible scratch-resistant badges come with a powerful adhesive backing, allowing for a permanent fixture to any metal, plastic or smooth surface, as well as some textured surfaces.

Applications for Domestic Appliances

The 3D effect from the clear resin used to create your fully customisable badges gives a glossy finish which leaves a sophisticated impression. Our badges can be placed on many domestic appliances, such as fridges, torches, domestic tools, kitchen utensils, washing machines, dryers and much more.

Due to their waterproof design, our badges are able to withstand being placed on appliances that frequently come into contact with water. Take advantage of choosing Dash Dynamics for durable and long-lasting badges.

Fully Customisable Badges for Your Appliances

By choosing Dash Dynamics for your domestic appliance badges you will be able to select any size, shape and colour, enabling you to keep in line with your brand’s own logo design. The cohesiveness between your brand and your product’s badges will create a strong brand identity which consumers will easily come to recognise.

Let your customer know who to contact

At Dash Dynamics we know the power of returning customers. By adding your company details to any appliance you supply, your customer will always know who to contact for any servicing or replacement. We can create these as a simple sticker or as a more luxurious bubble badge.

Contact Us for Domestic Badges

For high quality badges to place on domestic appliances, look no further than Dash Dynamics. Get in touch to make an enquiry today by phoning 01995 606 158. Alternatively, you can send an email to or fill out and submit our simple online contact form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.