Dash Dynamics’ Square Number Plate Jig

Dash Dynamics’ Square Number Plate Jig

Dash Dynamics' Square Number Plate Jig

At long last, our wonderful team has finally developed the Dash Dynamics Square Number Plate Jig. This jig is designed to produce 3D gel and 4D acrylic number plates for vehicles such as Land Rovers.

The jig comes with pre-printed and cut guides for all combinations of registrations. This includes single digit registrations and registrations with a country identifier.

Using the Square Number Plate Jig is simple. First, the pre-rolled plate is fitted into the space on the jig. The jig is formatted for number plates sized:

  • 280mm x 203mm
  • 285mm x 203mm
  • 290mm x 213mm
  • 330mm x 203mm

Depending on the size of the plate, the additional space bars may need to be used alongside the edges of the plate to fill the space.

Once the plate is secure, the digit cursor is placed along the top and bottom edge of the space. Make sure that the cursor is "top" side up for the top row. If producing a plate with only one row, use the "half" cursor.

Using the printed guideline at the top of the jig, users can determine the starting point for the registration they wish to make. The left edge of the cursor is then aligned with the corresponding number.

From here, carefully peel and place the digit into the center of the cursor. The cursor is designed with the exact spacing - 11mm - on each side of the digit. Once the first digit has been placed, the cursor is then moved alongside and the process repeated until the full line has been completed.

To complete a second line flip the cursor upside-down so that the "bottom" side is up. Consult the printed guideline once again for the correct starting point. Repeat the same steps for the bottom row.

Once the digits are placed, remove the completed plate from the space. You have now made a finished 3D gel or 4D acrylic square number plate.

To place an order for a jig, or to get a quote for a jig and digit package, please contact us here.