Services for Printing Companies

We offer a doming, or print and dome, service for printing companies wishing to supply their customers with an enhanced product.

Doming is a specialist skill and manual guns where you try to apply a domed surface via a hand metered DIY gun often produces an inferior finish due to the difficulty in applying just the right amount of resin and not having a controlled environment and curing facilities.

If you've already tried it, you'll already know!

You can send us your printed and weeded badges and we'll be happy to dome these for you or you can even just send us your finished vector artwork and we'll print and domed for you!

If you are in need of the above services please call us to discuss.

We will advise you of our requirements to dome your production or the file types you can forward for our direct print and dome with no, or minimal, artwork costs.

Please note we do not recommend doming paper stickers as the quality can be compromised with use especially if they become wet. Water can enter via the edge of the paper creating colour changes, poor adhesion and print bleed.

Contact one of our experts to discuss your requirements.