Tamper-proof Labels

What are Tamper-proof labels?

Tamper-proof labels are a type of label that adds an extra level of security to an item or product. They offer protection for an item by showing if they have been tampered with, hence the name.

These types of labels are a quick, simple, and efficient solution to increasing the security of various items, from crucial paperwork to expensive goods, preventing unwarranted tampering.

How Do They Work?

The majority of tamper-proof labels are made of materials that are simple to rip and have strong adhesives, which cause the label to break when someone tries to remove it. The label is intended to be left behind in fragments, and as a result, it cannot be removed off the surface it is bonded to and reapplied elsewhere as it gets clear that the label has been altered.

If the label is peeled off, certain tamper-proof labels have security slots that are visible. If there are no slits at all on the label, the product has either been tampered with or is a fake. The exact placement and arrangement of the slits on the label are virtually impossible to replicate.

Uses Of Tamper-Proof Labels

By acting as a visible deterrent against tampering and by providing visual proof that an item has been opened or otherwise damaged, tamper-proof labels can be used to increase the security of objects. They can be used to hold packing, folders, and envelopes in place.

Because of their security benefits, they are used specifically within manufacturing, medical and software industries, with the most common uses including:

  • Medical products: Drug shipments must be protected and unaltered when they reach their destination, and safety seals help to ensure this. Security should be a concern for everybody working in the official drug industry because the black market and counterfeit pharmaceuticals pose genuine challenges to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Vehicles: Tamper-proof labels can be applied over the seam of a car door to block entry without having to remove the label being designed to break up and leave segments behind so they cannot be re-applied. Before delivery and during car impoundment, these security labels can be placed on newly built vehicles to demonstrate that the vehicle has not been accessed while it has been in storage.
  • Documents: Many businesses and organisations deal with sensitive or secret documents, particularly those that include client information or long-term business plans. The best way to secure these documents' protection is to place security seals on folders and cabinets that contain sensitive information. Keeping these documents away from unauthorised eyes is a high priority. The tamper-evident feature of any security label will make it obvious if someone has tried to view them.
  • Computers: Electronic information is now even more sensitive and safeguarded than ever because of the GDPR legislation. To detect any unauthorised access to equipment, servers and hardware access, obsolete equipment slated for destruction, and private hard drives can all be safely protected.
  • Ballot Boxes: Election Day is a high-security procedure that calls for the coordination of thousands of staff, machines, and regular voters even if it may only happen once every several years. To prevent election manipulation or fraud, ballot boxes are secured with tamper-proof labels while they are being transported. This ensures that they remain sealed up until votes can be securely counted.
  • Warranty Labels: With most products having a warranty (often linked to the selling business directly) Warranty labels can allow you to put a point in time when the unit was made or even shipped along with the supplier of the warranty. This stops anyone trying to return a product out of warranty or even sending back a product from a different supplier for warranty replacement. They break-up if removed in order to attempt to re-apply to another unit, hence stopping this practice in its tracks simply and cheaply.

How Dash Dynamics Can Help

Dash Dynamics are the UK’s domed badge specialists and are now branching out to the supplying and distributing of tamper-proof labels. We work to your requirements to provide you with excellent tamper-proof labels to ensure your equipment, products, and items stay secure.

Contact us today here at Dash Dynamics to speak with a team member about our tamper-proof labels, or ring us on 01995 606158.