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Condition of use

Purchases of products or services made on dashdynamics.co.uk are governed by the following conditions.
By ordering, the user hereby accepts the Conditions without any limitations or reservations.

This Website belongs to Dash Dynamics Ltd, Unit B, Wyresdale, Green Lane West, Garstang, Preston, Lancashire PR3 1NJ, United Kingdom:

Tel +44 1995 606 158


Purchases are made by entering a contract verbally or written for the printing and resining services offered by Dash Dynamics Ltd, between Dash Dynamics Ltd and the user under a system of distance selling as governed by UK law.

Each contract abrogates and replaces any agreements, understandings, negotiations, written or oral, made previously between the parties of the same object.

All final product prices given to the user are given in £UK and prices are VAT-free. These prices, whether verbal or written, may vary without notice and at any time prior to the conclusion of any order by Dash Dynamics Ltd.

Artwork charges for designs may apply depending on the nature of the order. Estimates for these charges are liable to changes based on the actual time required to create and approve any design, as this cannot be fully established until final approval is given by the user.

For new customers, Dash Dynamics Ltd will not manufacture the final order without prior payment in accordance with the following provisions on approval by the user. Repeat customers are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Dash Dynamics Ltd retains ownership of all goods until paid in full.

Dash Dynamics Ltd reserves the right to add compound interest at a rate of 4% above the Bank of England interest rates on invoices which are not paid in line with our terms.

Dash Dynamics Ltd also reserves the right to claim for services from external debt agencies.

Where applicable, Dash Dynamics Ltd reserves the right to provide proofs prior to printing. It is the customers’ responsibility to check these and provide us with confirmation they are correct. If any issues are found with the artwork when the customer receives the goods Dash Dynamics Ltd cannot be held responsible. Further artwork charges may be applied to correct such issues

Methods of payment

The accepted methods of payment are as follows:

Bank transfer in advance

Credit/Debit card

Cleared Cheque

Limitations of liability

The selection of content and images to be printed, as well as the obtaining of authorisation for their reproduction, where necessary, is the sole responsibility of the User. Dash Dynamics Ltd will not under any circumstances check content, apart from aspects related to the technical specifications and the artwork’s compatibility with the required specifications.

Dash Dynamics Ltd cannot in any way be held liable for the unauthorised use of images by Users or for any breach of third-party rights relating to them.
The User, therefore, releases, indemnifies and holds harmless Dash Dynamics Ltd from any liability towards third parties for breach of intellectual property rights, damage to image, honour, decorum, moral integrity or any monetary or non-monetary damage resulting from the printing of images and content by the user.

Dash Dynamics Ltd reserves the right, at any time, to stop any order which clearly breaches the intellectual property rights of third parties, or which is defamatory, violent or otherwise contrary to public law and decency.

Dash Dynamics Ltd assumes no responsibility for fraudulent or illegal use by third parties, credit cards, checks and other methods of payment when paying for products purchased if it proves to have taken all possible precautions according to the best science and experience of the moment and according to ordinary diligence.

Dash Dynamics Ltd assumes no responsibility for inefficiencies due to force majeure if it is not able to execute the order within the time specified in the contract.

Certain products designed and supplied by Dash Dynamics Ltd have worldwide protected designs registered by us. The copying of these items is strictly prohibited without the express permission to reproduce or manufacture such items under our licence terms. Anyone found copying such items will have legal action for using our intellectual property right. Any legal action fees will be applied regarding such contradiction of our designs along with damages claims and potential loss of profits including any products linked to the design.

Dispute management

For all disputes relating to the interpretation and/or execution of any online contract, the parties acknowledge the exclusive jurisdiction of Preston Court, irrespective of the place of conclusion of the contract and the domicile of the user.

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