4D Number Plate Letters

At Dash Dynamics we are proud suppliers of 4D number plate letters. Perfect for bespoke number plates and designed to help vehicles stand out from the crowd, 4D letters and digits are in high demand and a must have for number plate suppliers. Get in touch now to see how we can help.

4D number plate letters are 3D Acrylic laser-cut letters. Characters are stuck onto the plate as opposed to printed. Results are truly unique with a bold appearance providing additional depth and letter distinction. Vehicle enthusiasts with enjoy aesthetics will love investing in this style of number plate.

We use only the very best materials and to ensure top quality genuine perspex is our choice.
Characters are backed with automotive standard 3M adhesive. This means fitting is simple and straightforward. Messy glues are not required with our 4D number plate letters and no acetone is required. Characters can simply be peeled and stuck down onto plates for fast-action, strong, high-quality adhesion. In addition to 4D characters our team are competent in the production of car badges.

DVLA Approved 4D Letter Suppliers

Our services are highly professional and we comply with all relevant regulations. Our black 4D number plate letters and digits are DVLA approved. They also fully comply with Section II of the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations. Having fulfilled the necessary standards our side, all you are required to ensure is characters are applied to plates with the correct spacing. We have a unique number plate jig system in place. This makes it simple in making sure all digit spacing’s are to DVLA standards.

We only supply acrylic letters to approved DVLA plate suppliers and we make the process fast and straightforward. With stock levels of around 70,000 digits, approved orders are typically sent out the same day if ordered before 11am.

A Unique Option for Customers

It’s well worth understanding the unique nature 4D acrylic letters have. Sought after by those with a luxurious desire when it comes to their vehicles, these additional extras make up a pleasing overall aesthetic. Not purely satisfied with 3D and 4D lettering, we at Dash Dynamics like to take things a step further by offering even more. Because we manufacture both 3D and 4D letters from the same cut files, we have the ability to combine these. End results are truly bespoke.

BSAU 145e number plate standards by the regulated certifying authority

Dash Dynamics is a fully certified supplier of 4D and 3D gel number plate digits

We are delighted to share with all our clients that now we at Dash Dynamics are a fully certified supplier of 4D acrylic and 3D gel number plate digits accordingly to the current BSAU 145e number plate standards by the regulated certifying authority.

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At Dash Dynamics we differ to other suppliers. All of our 4D characters have radiused corners. Whilst this preserves the distinctive look, it softens the feel of the plates and eases cleaning.

We understand our industry and have made it our mission to help you locate the right characters for your dealership in a short space of time. If you have any questions about 4D number plate letters or any of our services, such as domed car badges or custom keyrings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01995 606158, email info@dashdynamics.co.uk or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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