Certified Number Plate Digit Manufacturer

By Chameleon

21 March 2022

Certified supplier of 4D acrylic and 3D gel number plate digits

As the government wants to ensure better durability and compatibility between the number plates and the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, the new technical standards and characteristics regulating the production of number plates have changed by including quite a few new rules, and we are delighted to share with all our clients that now Dash Dynamics is a fully certified supplier of 4D acrylic and 3D gel number plate digits.

Our digits have been tested to current BSAU 145e number plate standards. This applies to our full range of Black Standard UK Number Plate Digits, both car and motorcycle but remembering that it does not apply to show digits, which are not allowed under the British Standard, or our range of Irish products which are not applicable under UK law.

Under the new British Standard, which took effect in January 2021, 4D acrylic and 3D gel number plate digits are subject to several testing requirements. These requirements, which are outlined in the BSAU 145e, are laws for the use of such digits on number plates in the United Kingdom.

The Motorcycle number plate Jig Video screenshotuse of uncertified digits may result in legal action by law enforcement authorities. This includes fines and removal by the DVLA as a registered number plate supplier. It is up to the number plate supplier to ensure that the number plate components that they are using, including any number plate digits, are compliant.

We are pleased to verify that our digits comply with the new regulations. Should you or your customers require verification or proof of certification we can provide our pass certificates on request:

  • 537 Impact Resistance Results
  • 536 537 Thermal-Resistance Results
  • 536 537 Retro-Reflectivity Results
  • 536 537 Colorimetry Results
  • 535 Impact Resistance Results
  • 534 535 Thermal Resistance Results
  • 534 535 Retro-Reflective Results
  • 534 535 Colorimetry Results

At Dash Dynamics we are proud suppliers of 3D Gel Number plates and 4D number plates letters. For more information about them or any other other service we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.