Launch of 70 x 36mm number plate Gel and Acrylic digits and Jigs in the Republic of Ireland

By Chameleon

05 September 2022

Gel & Acrylic Number Plate Digits & Jigs In the Republic Of Ireland

Dash Dynamics is pleased to announce the availability of their most recent number plate Gel and Acrylic digits and Jigs, which have been created specifically to comply with the requirements outlined in S.I. No. 287/1990*Road Vehicles (Regulations and Licensing) Regulations, 1990. This follows several months of development and testing.

3d Ireland number plate digits

Designed according to the Republic of Ireland standard mentioned above. Our jigs and digits have been drawn to an extremely tight tolerance of 0.001mm at a size of 70 x 36mm with a stroke width of 10.00mm. The Gel and Acrylic Number Plate Digits and Jigs are made for the Republic of Ireland and are available in either black gel or 3mm black acrylic. They are made with genuine Perspex and 3M double-sided adhesive, guaranteeing the highest standards of manufacturing.

Working to these tolerances takes several weeks of design and testing time. They were drawn completely from scratch to ensure they meet Irish standards. Our designs are registered as new protected font designs to avoid other companies using our work without our express permission.

We have already seen other companies offering the same size digits as ourselves, but these tend to be simply stretched variants of the UK motorcycle digits. This means the stroke widths of these designs DO NOT COMPLY WITH IRISH REGULATIONS. You have been warned!

Republic of Ireland Number Plates

The jig systems are designed for the Republic of Ireland’s legal plate sizes of 520 x 110 mm and 340 x 220mm. The Jigs make the production of surface-mounted plates fast and simple.

340 x 220 jig:

520 x 110 jig:

Unlike the UK, Ireland does not use the complete alphabet and the spread of the used letters is totally different. We have created starter packs which enable customers to have enough stock to be able to operate as soon as the products are with you while giving you sufficient supplies to operate for a reasonable time before having to re-order. Both Gel and 3mm Acrylic Digit kits are covered.

Dash Dynamics sell the number plate Digits and Jigs or you can purchase them via our sister company, Plate Supplies Ltd. This offers an easy-to-use, self-service system which includes everything you will need to go into production, including plates printed with the IRL Euro badge and the Gaelic County name at the top.

For customers wishing to print plates as well as manufacture surface-mounted plates, we supply both printing systems and rollers too.

You can even buy sticky pads, nuts, bolts, and covered screw packs via us.

Dash Dynamics R&D

Due to the high quality of our products and the time needed for their development and testing, we may not be the cheapest option available for Gel and Acrylic number plate digits, but we offer you excellent service and products.

Given the time required to design our products, we do not sell our heavily subsidised Jig Systems to companies who are not buying digits from us.

The first company to gain approval!

Dash Dynamics are the first company to pass independent testing to the very tough BS AU145e regulations that were recently introduced in the UK, with both Acrylic and Gel, rather than merely self-certifying without passing any tests. We suspect Ireland will soon follow the UK standard.

To maintain our reputation as the best in the business, the same materials that are utilised to create our UK number plate digits are also used to create our latest Irish design.

Please note that the use of our font by any third party without our written authorization is now prohibited by copyright.

Number Plate Jig Systems

The mainframe and inserts of these new number plate digits and jigs, which are likewise protected registered designs, are cut, and etched from Black Cast Genuine Perspex. Additionally, Protect My Works has registered the number plate jigs as completely protected designs under the licence numbers “12234290722S033” and “12234290722S030.”

Our Jigs work equally well with both our Acrylic and Gel Digit systems.

Contact us today for your Gel and Acrylic number plate digits in the Republic of Ireland

Dash Dynamics are a serious, trustworthy, and moral business that do not market inferior goods. We are a B2B business and do not supply the general public with either loose digits or completed plates (Unlike many of our competitors) even though we are registered to do so.

We supply to the trade only. If you want to generate the highest-quality plates for your retail consumers, please feel free to contact the UK’s premier Number Plate Digit and Jig supplier.

If you are interested in purchasing number plate digits specific to the Republic of Ireland, then contact us today here at Dash Dynamics via our website or on 01995 606 158. Or alternatively, if you require a complete and total one-stop shop take a look at our sister company Plate Supplies Ltd via