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Animal Symbolism in Logo Design

Since the dawn of the simile, people have always used animals to make real world parallels. How often have you come across phrases like ‘as sly as a fox’, ‘as blind as a bat’ or ‘as busy as a bee’? Animals, in all their unique glory and millions of variations, are the perfect way to…
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New Trailer Regulations for Travelling Abroad

Important information forwarded to all registered number plate suppliers from Dash Dynamics. The UK's first choice for 3D Resin Domed and 4D Acrylic Number plate systems. In late February this year, the DVLA (Drive and Vehicle Licensing Agency) released important information about trailer registration plates for registered number plate suppliers. It states that from 28th…
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How We Create Our Unique Number Plate Lettering

At Dash Dynamics, we have developed our own unique, and innovative way of positioning letters correctly on number plates. In order to be compliant with Section II of the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001, there are very specific measurements that a license plate needs to adhere to in order to be road…
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