How Badge Doming Works

When it comes to creating eye-catching and durable badges, few methods compare to badge doming. But what exactly is badge doming, and how does it work? At Dash Dynamics we can help to demystify the processes behind resin domed badges. Understanding Badge Doming Doming badges is a process where a clear polyurethane resin coating is…

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Elevate your event with Domed Badges!

Domed Badges With a cool and smooth 3d shape, the Domed badges can help you to elevate your event to high levels, while also helping you with branding recognition. It doesn’t matter if you will have a big or small event, domed badges are just great for all kinds of events, be it a conference,…

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Domed Badges for Marketing and their Benefits

Domed Hygiene Stickers

Labelling is a great way to give a good first impression in the working world. Labelling is also an effective strategy to inform others of your brand, logo and company whilst also making it stand out for people to remember. Domed badges for marketing are the perfect way to do this. They immediately catch everyone’s attention and…

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Legendary Cars with RS Badges

Jaguar car domed badge

As we all know, the world of driving is one filled with branding. In many ways, the brand you drive is as important as what you are driving in the first place. One factor that always stands out on a car is a classic Rally Sport (RS) badge. Over the years, some true legends of…

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Car Badges & Branding

Porsche Car badge

For years, the automotive industry has had its focus on one of the most distinctive parts of a vehicle; it’s car badge. The badge of a car is like the badge of a sports brand. You want to be seen driving something that comes with history, trustworthiness, and quality. And what better place to look for…

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Sporting: Sports Badges and Marketing

The Players Choice Domed Badge

As part of a sports team you’ll understand the varying levels of sponsorship required to keep the club in action. Many teams request donations through local companies, events to raise funds and by selling raffle tickets. What if sports clubs could add an easy way of raising cash with minimal outlay? Today we’re looking at unique…

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Undisclosed Historical Meanings of Auto Badges

Front of Car

Following on from one of our recent blogs, Vehicle Badge History, we are going to delve a little bit deeper into the secret past of famous brands auto badges.  Looking at a range of well-known vehicles we’ll let you decide which version of events to believe.  When it comes to auto badges you’re unlikely to think twice. Do…

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The Coolest Car Badges of all Time!

Jaguar Car Badge

We are looking at some of the coolest car badges ever created. These are of course by opinion of the Dash Dynamics team and we would love to hear about any you find particularly amazing.  Let’s dive in with the Isdera Located right at the front of this speedy race style vehicle is a diving hawk. The…

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Vehicle Badge History Lesson

Ford Domed Badges

Whether you’re a vehicle manufacturer, re-seller or car enthusiast, we’re sure you’ll be aware of some facts attached to vehicle badge history. Not necessarily all of them though…. Let’s begin with Audi Do you know what the four rings on an audi badge represent? It’s actually Germany’s four oldest car makers which are comprised of Audi, DKW, Horch & Wanderer. …

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How are Domed Badges Beneficial in Business?

Seal of Approval

Today we are looking specifically at the benefits of domed badges in business and how they add value to a company. What is a domed badge? We’ll begin with the basics. Referred to as domed badges, stickers and labels, they are a popular form of brand awareness via labelling. Created from a stable, two part polyurethane, badges…

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