4 Ways to Improve Your Vehicles Looks on a Budget

By Dash Dynamics

21 November 2017

After some time, many of us grow tired of our cars and either opt for selling or spending too much money on improving it. Many people think that to spruce up your vehicle you need plenty of money at your dispense, however, by focusing on small details you can make your vehicle the envy of all road-runners!

Follow our top tips and you will feel like the proud owner of a shiny new car, when it may be years and years old.


While many people think that your vehicle’s wheels don’t make such a significant difference to a car’s appearance, they certainly do. Between missing hubcaps and marks from cement curbs, your wheels can look a little worse for wear, especially if its hit the 125,000-mile mark.

Components surrounding the tyre for any car can set you back financially, especially areas on the wheel Rim such as the spokes and the hub.

You can spruce up the aesthetic of any cars wheels with a new set of adhesive domed car badges for wheel centres, alloys or bezels which can be easily applied directly to the bodywork.

Custom Upholstery

It’s not all about the exterior when it comes to improving your vehicle. By having your own bespoke upholstery and taking care of your seating, you can not only make your car look super slick, but you can be comfortable when driving.

While a deep clean will do the job for most worn out upholstery, it might be more of a custom new job you would like. But isn’t this expensive?

While you may think it could set you back it can be done on a budget, there’s plenty of online tutorials such as this one, which can help you on your way to sparkling new interiors, without breaking the bank.

Alongside your custom upholstery, you can DIY when it comes to other subtle factors. This internal decoration moulding trim is perfect to create a luxury feel inside any car, without the luxury price tag!

Here are some other unique car interior accessory that are sure to only make the inside of your car much better.

3D Number Plate

A personalised number plate adds a certain wow factor to any vehicle and is longed after by many car owners. How ever loved a personalised number plate might be, they can cost a considerable amount.

Instead, why not opt for a bespoke 3D number plate instead? It creates a luxury effect and is an increasingly popular choice amongst motorists.

A number plate is not just one of the main focal points of a vehicle, but it also gains attention from passing traffic, and gives your car a unique identity- with style!

Custom Paint Job

The online world presents many tutorials on how you can give your car a whole new exterior makeover without much effort or money! While we would recommend a professional to do the job properly, in the meantime you can DIY.  Check out this step by step easy to read guide from Halfords.

Other small factors such as your cars logo and the domed badge on the front and back make a huge transformation but be sure to cover these during your paint job. You could even treat yourself to a luxury domed car badge afterwards from the money you saved painting your own car!

Domed Car Badge

All of our domed car badges are manufactured to automotive specifications and are suitable for any area of your car’s bodywork; from the wheel centre to the bezels, or well… anywhere.

If you are thinking of ways which you can give your vehicle a new lease of life, simple touches such as a bespoke domed car badge can make a huge difference.

At Dash Dynamics we specialise in small production runs also; so, if you just need a set of wheel centres for your refurbished alloy wheels, there is no problem!

If you would like any more information about our range of auto badges, 3D plates or even a custom keyring to go along with your new and improved ride, simply get in touch with our team. You could be driving away in a shiny new car before you know it!