5 Advantages of Using Domed Labels for Your Marketing

By Dash Dynamics

25 April 2018

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it’s vital that your product stands out from the rest on the shelf. With so many rivals out there competing for the customer’s attention, you need a labelling solution that’s professional and eye-catching, as well as hard-wearing and durable. That’s why domed labels are perfect for the job.

Here are five reasons why domed badges may be the right choice for you: 

Domed Labels Are Aesthetically Pleasing

There are flat labels and badges all over the market, with your rivals’ logos and product information on their products in a huge variety of colours and fonts – so it’s almost impossible to stand out through design alone. With domed badges, you’ll have a three-dimensional effect and an interesting tactile surface that will immediately make customers take notice. It’s an instant advantage over your rivals.

Domed Labels Are Precision Made

It takes over 12 hours to make each domed badge and requires precise moulding techniques to make sure exactly the right amount of plastic is used in the process. As a result of the care taken to make each badge, you can be sure that they are all made to the highest standards and won’t let you down.

They’re Durable

Thanks to the thick layer of plastic above your logo on each domed badge, your label is guaranteed to last. While flat labels may fade, tear, deform or change colour over time – the preservative properties of the plastic will keep yours looking like new. It’s perfect for long-life products that need to look good after months on the shelf.

They’re Flexible

While other types of label may only be suitable for a limited number of products or industries due to their limitations, domed badges can be used by anyone. Thanks to their hard-wearing properties, they’re in use by a range of businesses, from food manufacturers to car companies.

They’re Customisable

Thanks to the plastic coating of a domed badge, they can be customised with all kinds of finishes – from holographic to metallic and fluorescent coatings. With the plastic to protect the surfaces, your specialist finishes will be safe from wear, and you can be sure it will last.

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