5 Surprising Reasons Why Choosing Domed Badges Can Help You Save The Environment

By Dash Dynamics

09 May 2018

In the current climate, it is important for many businesses and their customers that they are environmentally conscious and are aware of the impact they are having on the Earth in all of their processes. When it comes to looking after the environment, even the smallest gesture offers a huge payoff in the long run, which is why companies find that choosing domed badges for their business helps them to remain environmentally friendly.

Domed Badges Are Durable And Last For A Long Time

Domed badges are made from a combination of vinyl or polyester, on which the image is printed, and a liquid polyurethane resin which ensures the long-lasting nature of the product. These badges can be used on cars, computers, filing cabinets and other business technology, among others, allowing companies to label things effectively without having to replace these labels regularly.

Badges Can Be Used Instead of Traditional Print Advertising

Domed labels can also be used for advertising, creating interesting and touchable key rings which add perceived value to the company and are more likely to be kept when handed out to customers. When compared to a more typical type of advertising, such as a poster or flyer, these key rings offer a long term advertising solution with far less waste, as they are significantly less likely to be thrown away or destroyed.

Retaining Customers and Saving Them Money

The use of a quality Resin Domed, or Bubble Badge, means your customer will always have you as first point of contact should their item go faulty.

This means that goods such as washing machines, computers, furniture and boilers, which are still serviceable but have a problem will be more likely to be repaired rather than just thrown away and replaced. So helping our environment (and your pocket too).

They Are Made with Environmentally Friendly Materials

Polyurethanes play a vital role in protecting the natural resources of the Earth, thanks in part to their sustainability, as mentioned above, extending the life of any product they are used to protect. Polyurethane is also recyclable, and domed badges must comply with EU regulations which ensure that they are safe and have a superior finish. A recent EU directive banned mercury salts in polyurethane, eliminating the risk of harmful substances being produced during production.

Small Print Runs Are Available

Domed badges, produced by us here at Dash Dynamics, are available in print runs as small as ten, ensuring that companies don’t have to waste money or resources on extra items that they don’t need. The production process is thus not wasted on badges which are likely to be thrown away, and it is less likely that a company will order items in error that they later decide not to use. Smaller print runs allow businesses to have more control over their carbon footprint, as well as their finances.

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