Sporting: Sports Badges and Marketing

By Dash Dynamics

25 February 2020

As part of a sports team you’ll understand the varying levels of sponsorship required to keep the club in action. Many teams request donations through local companies, events to raise funds and by selling raffle tickets. What if sports clubs could add an easy way of raising cash with minimal outlay? Today we’re looking at unique domed sports badges and how they will benefit your particular club. 

What is a domed badge? 

Firstly, let’s define specifically what a domed badge is. Almost like a reinforced sticker they are made from polyurethane vinyl resin. This material ensures they’re extremely strong and scratch resistant. In addition, resin domed badges are highly durable.

Who uses domed badges? 

Plenty of companies already use these as part of a strategic branding campaign. Specifically, tradespeople find them extremely useful, such as plumbers for example. Domed badges are ideal for leaving on a customers boiler due to branding and contact details. Results encourage repeat custom. Additional industries include:

  • Hospitality: Hotels, pubs and clubs like using badges on their beer taps. These labels are waterproof meaning they will stand the test of time and can be wiped clean at the end of every busy shift. 
  • Food Industry: Cakes and desserts are just one example for use in the food industry. Packaging looks even more luxurious with the addition of a domed badge. Compare cake boxes to those without this specific branding and it’s immediately obvious which stands out.
  • Fashion: Ideal for boutiques, badges can be stuck directly onto hangers, collating the brand nicely.
  • Automotive Industry: All of the main car brands and manufacturers use resin domed badges for their vehicles. There’s no reason why a used car dealership can’t invest in this cost effective method of advertising also.
  • Name Badges: Many companies utilise name badges and the domed look not only increased a look of professionalism but looks smart also.
  • Sports Industry: Don’t worry, we’re going to tell you more!

The above examples are a mere drop in the ocean in terms of industry sector usage. Let’s take a look at some of the ways sports clubs can benefit from domed badges.   

Badges for Fans

Badges make an ideal souvenir for fans. They can be sold relatively cheaply during a game or match whilst giving fans additional opportunity to show their support. With every purchase adding up, your sports club could make a tidy sum. 

Badges for the Team

Ensuring that all your team has a badge to wear outside of the sport keeps brand awareness alive. When worn regularly a team can be noticed potentially anywhere in the world, helping to strike conversation. 

Use on Equipment

Remember, stickers are waterproof and can therefore be used to brand equipment both indoors and out. From rackets to bats, gym equipment to football goals, there’s a space everywhere for sports related domed badges

For more information on how you can create an additional revenue stream for your local sports team, get in touch with the experts at Dash Dynamics today.