Benefits of Custom Keyrings for Business

By Dash Dynamics

19 October 2017

We’ve all seen keyrings in some shape or form, whether on your keys or on someone else’s. The jingle jangle from your bag reassures you that you still have them in your possession!

While we all have keyrings on our domestic keys, whether it’s to help us find them or you attach every trolley coin, key fob and bottle opener to it, having a custom keyring for your business keys can be even more helpful.

Don’t Lose Your Keys

While all keys are important and vital that you do not misplace, a set of business keys are probably worth much more. Whatever the type of business your keys open the door to, those keys are probably worth the entire business and all the assets linked to it.

If those keys got in the wrong hands, equipment, tools and money could be stolen from the premises which could put any company in financial turmoil.

If you have a custom keyring on your business keys, you will be able to easily recognise your keys if you see anyone with them or find them much easier than if you didn’t have a noticeable keyring/s attached.

You can also much easily differentiate your keys from others. You don’t want a mix up when it comes to any keys, let alone business keys.

If you ever lose your keys, the finder will know where to return them to immediately.

Here at Dash Dynamics, we can even produce key rings with individual’s names on them to ensure each member of staff can easily identify their own set of keys.

Custom Keyrings for Company Promotion

Good companies understand the potential of promotional items, and while a keyring on business keys is also practical it can act as a link in the marketing strategy.

When someone, whether subconsciously or not sees your brand on a keyring, it can evoke a sense of brand loyalty. If you are proud to carry a keyring with the business logo on you show how proud of the business you are. Whatever the business, if the owner or employee is willing to carry the brand with them they must be a fantastic company to work for.

By this keyring also being of extremely high quality, you can directly reflect your company, its personality and its luxury feel. You wouldn’t want your luxury vehicle company to hand over a new set of keys to a car with a standard keyring.

Portable and Practical

Due to its practicality, a key ring will be more likely to get used more often. Of course, there is the other promotional items such as pens and mugs etc, but when it comes to custom keyrings, they will be sure to generate exposure due to their portability.

A key ring will be used several times throughout the day. From locking the door, opening the door, unlocking the car or even unlocking supply cabinets and other secure places during working hours.

A great promotional item is always portable and can be transported from place to place to ensure maximum exposure, which a custom key ring will certainly do.

Especially when your keyring looks ultra-luxurious and customised, this will generate much more interest in the item along with the message and branding it carries.

Customisable and Value for Money

You aren’t restricted to just one design when it comes to custom business keyrings. Many options are available in order to give personality and identity while keeping in line with businesses character.

Not only are keyrings customisable, no matter the link between quality and cost, they also have terrific value for money.

When choosing your custom keyring for your business, don’t forget to consider how well the item will reflect your company and how it will complement the style of your company. Having a luxurious custom business keyring can go a long way towards creating a recognisable brand that will make you more memorable to customers, staff and the public.

Here at Dash Dynamics, we understand the importance of custom keyrings for businesses, which is why we are proud to offer a custom keyring service. Offering brushed metal keyrings with domed badges on one or both sides, leather or luxury chrome, all our products are made to your specific requirements, whether a large or small scale.

If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team who will be more than happy to speak through your request.