Domed Badges for Marketing and their Benefits

By Dash Dynamics

06 June 2020

Labelling is a great way to give a good first impression in the working world. Labelling is also an effective strategy to inform others of your brand, logo and company whilst also making it stand out for people to remember. Domed badges for marketing are the perfect way to do this. They immediately catch everyone’s attention and also market your brand in a way which will send a positive message.

What are Domed Labels?

Best known for their 3D appearance, domed labels are made using the latest technology to create the durable, bold and high quality result you will want for your business. The texture used for domed labels presents a glossy finish appearing flexible and professional to catch people’s attention.   

Benefits of using Domed Labels

There are many benefits of using domed labels to market your brand one of them being durability. The materials used to create domed labels allow the product to be extremely resistant to most deterioration factors such as UV exposure and chemical exposure. Domed labels are also scratch and heat resistant which means you have a product which is great value for money as well as being great for getting your name out there. 

Another benefit is how appealing they are. Marketing and advertising your brand can be extremely competitive. By using a formal yet bold design for your domed label you will be at an advantage to competitors. Domed labels have a three dimensional effect which is highly noticeable and catches the attention of others. Why go for the predictable flat label design when choose something better?

Increasing your customer base is every businesses desire right? Well by using our domed labels you will be sure to stand out when compared to other companies. By having a branded domed label that stands out you are informing more people of your brand which results more people being aware of your company and an increased customer base. Marketing can often be a struggle for some companies who work in saturated industries therefore a branded domed label can produce a much more successful and bold impression to both customers and competitors. 

Finally, domed labels are a good method to clearly inform others of what you do and who you are. A colourful but simple design on a professional label can often be the difference in someone remembering your services and someone forgetting all about you. Customers can immediately view a clear image of your logo and the relevant information which will result in your customer base again becoming larger. Why not invest in a product which will noticeably increase your revenue?