Car Badges & Branding

By Dash Dynamics

16 April 2020

For years, the automotive industry has had its focus on one of the most distinctive parts of a vehicle; it’s car badge. The badge of a car is like the badge of a sports brand. You want to be seen driving something that comes with history, trustworthiness, and quality. And what better place to look for that than the various car badges and branding options used over the years in the auto industry?

Indeed, few industries are quite so focused on the importance of the logo. That’s why the following are some of the most distinctive logos not just in vehicles, but in all marketing!


British car firm Vauxhall are a recognisable name in the industry, and part of that comes from the fact they’ve had such a familiar badge for so many years. The company might be well over 150 years old by now, but it’s logo has become a real hallmark of the entire industry. The Griffin they use has been a major part of their design for many years.

It’s a major part of the British car-making industry, for sure.


Arguably the most well-known vehicle logo in the world, though, is that of Ferrari. This is probably the most recognisable, iconic look. The stallion horse raised up on its back legs; the right yellow combined with the tricolour of the Italian flag. There really are few more recognisable badges in the world than that of the famous Ferrari badge.

It’s easily the most recognisable name in car branding, even ahead of our next badge!


Next up, we have the hugely famous Mercedes-Benz logo. This is one of the most recognisable car badge logos in the world, looking very little like anything else out there in the car market. So recognisable that it would be foolish for any company to try and either mimic or replicate it!

The Mercedes-Benz logo is one of the most well-known in the world. The three-star symbol showcases their ambition in all forms of transport, land, sea, and air.


Audi has always gotten by with a very simple, stylish looking little badge design. The Audi logo design is one that stands out for many years and is able to represent all four of the car companies that joined together to make Audi the force it Is today.

These are DKW, Wanderer, Horch, and Audi. Now, you know why this symbol is kept so simplistic and effective; its literally a design intended to incorporate four brands into one instead!


Ford is one of the biggest names in the car industry, and it’s likely to stay that way for a long time. The original Ford logo is designed on the signature of the famous Henry Ford himself. This is an instantly recognisable design; the rich blue standing out with the beautiful nature and charm of the Ford typography.

That’s why, all of these brands have developed such a wide-reaching name in their respective industries. The lasting beauty of their car badges makes them immediately recognisable, even to a car novice!