Customer Retention with Resin Domed Badges

By Dash Dynamics

10 November 2019

Are you an electrician, plumber, joiner or currently working in a trade where customer retention helps your business thrive? If the answer is yes then you MUST read on. Today we are offering some slick advice on brand awareness for your company. Not only is this method highly cost effective, it’s designed to work over and over again.

Where do your existing customers come from?

When it comes to the trades mentioned above, customers are often referred by friends and family. People like to feel confident in another’s great experience and will readily listen to those they trust. Would it be fair to say that word of mouth remains one of THE most effective marketing methods a trades person has?

Additional Efforts

Of course you may have invested in a website and use social media in the promotion of your company. With continued advances in technology it’s now easy for a potential customer to not only find you online but even book an appointment for you to visit. Online reviews give customers the faith to choose you over competitors and none of this work is carried out face to face.

How can Dash Dynamics help you increase visibility?

We have a wonderful way of maintaining customer retention. It may be something you have thought about in the past but never invested in. You may never have even considered it but we can guarantee it’s one of the best ways in encouraging repeat custom.

Let’s start with plumbers;

Established plumbers tend to have a specific list of customers whose boiler they will service annually. If well-organised a plumber will contact customers perhaps a few weeks before their next service is due. This process however is not always possible and it could be that a number of people are slipping through the net. Customers may go elsewhere or worse still, skip a yearly check. What if you could keep a small part of your company with the customer when you leave?

Allow us to elaborate!

Send your logo in vector format to our team at Dash Dynamics. We will print them creating the perfect domed badge/sticker. Each time a boiler is serviced, leave a badge on the front of the boiler with your company logo. You could even expand this with a telephone number, making it even easier for customer retention.

How about electricians?

Similarly, all we need is your logo. No matter the job you’re enlisted to do, why not request to leave a badge/sticker on the customers fuse box? This would be an obvious place for people to look first should any issues arise. People prefer familiarity and if they have the option of contacting you rather than trawling the web, chances are they’ll opt for the former. 

Joiners, this should be easy for you;

Fitted kitchens, fitted wardrobes, no matter the task, there will be somewhere you can place your brand. Ask the customer and remind them before wrapping up any job. As above, with your branding, we can make sure customers will remember you for their next job. 

This brand awareness method really is as straightforward as it is effective and we recommend immediate investment. Our prices are highly cost effective and we are confident you will experience repeat business through domed stickers and badges.

Need a little more information?

Our team are here to offer the right advice and guidance based upon your requirements. We discuss file types with you and even artwork if required. For more information, please get in touch with our specialist team today.