How Domed Badges Can Help Your Marketing

By Dash Dynamics

19 February 2018

If you have a business, it stands to reason that you want to market it. Promoting your company, your services or your products can be daunting at times, as standing out from the crowd often means a (well-welcomed) challenge.

For this reason, anything that allows you to be different and unique helps!
Domed badges are certainly a great way to achieve this, since they are fantastic promotional tools that allow you to market yourself and your business.

But how exactly do domed badges help you with your marketing efforts?

Brand Awareness

Getting your brand out there is crucial when it comes to promoting your business. If you stick a domed tag on your products, be it on a domestic appliance or on a beer tap, your brand is reaching a wider audience. This also creates familiarity. When your existing and potential customers are exposed to your branding on a regular basis, they will start to associate it with positive feelings that can help you to boost your sales and grow your client base.


Doming your logo can give it a competitive edge. If you’re thinking of adding your logo or message to a product, for example, make it pop out by adding a 3D effect that will make it stand out from the competition! Being unique is important, as we’ve established, as people are used to seeing the same things over and over again.


Where can’t you use domed badges? Their versatility and ability to be placed virtually anywhere make them a highly valuable marketing tool. Domed badges are durable and can be used outdoors, as they’re resistant to scratches and sunlight – so they remain in top condition for a very long time, allowing you to continue marketing your business without pausing to have them replaced.

Domed badges can even be given away as promotional freebies, for example, which will help you to spread your message and branding! If you’re looking to give them away like this, why not create fridge magnets, attach your domed badge to a keyring, or make a pin with your message? The options are limitless.

They can also be used in a variety of industries, so whether you work in the medical field, in the automotive sector, in the sports industry, or even in furniture, for example, you are sure to benefit from their advantages.

Word of Mouth

Every business owner knows just how important word of mouth recommendations are. The proof is in a 2015 study, where 83% of respondents from 60 countries said that they trust the recommendations of family and friends.

We believe domed badges can help with that! If your products have domed badges or if you have labels in relevant places, making it easier for your customers to show their interested family and friends who you are and where to find you, for example. This is also why it’s so important that you add your website and/ or contact information to your domed badge.

With a domed badge, you can simply place them somewhere and you’re already promoting your brand, which makes them a fantastic addition to your marketing efforts. If you have any questions pertaining domed badges or any other products we make, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re always happy to help!