Our New Motorcycle Number Plate Jig System

By Dash Dynamics

10 December 2020

Motorcycle Jig

Dash Dynamics are delighted to announce the launch of our latest Motorcycle Number Plate Jig system. This ensures the accurate positioning of our Charles Wright Motorcycle sized digits for number plates.

Our new jig enables us to utilise a range of plate sizes, including the two most popular sizes, and manufacture plates for Japanese and American import vehicles which also use motorcycle sized digits, thus expanding our capabilities and client reach.

The sizes of Motorcycle Plates this Jig covers are 228 x 178mm and 228 x 165mm. For import vehicles, sizes we can manufacture is 330 x 178mm, 330 x 165mm and 305 x 152mm.

To support our jig systems we have full stocks of 64 x 44mm digits in both 3D Gel and 4D Acrylic. The DVLA only recognise Black as an approved style. However, due to customer requests we do carry stocks of other styles. But please keep in mind that any dealer using non-DVLA-approved styles does so at their own risk.

Number Plate Jig Video

The jig itself is designed to place the top row first and then span over these when placing on the lower row. Watch our detailed video on the Motorcycle Jig here. And why not have a look at the various videos we’ve created that show our other Jig systems on offer.

For customers buying digits from Dash Dynamics the cost of this jig has been kept at the same subsidised price as our standard car number plate jig at £110+VAT. There is a minimum order level of a complete starter pack of either 3D Gel or 4D acrylic digits. Our starter pack is 10 of every digit A – Z (no Q) and 0 – 9. This equates to 350 digits in total.

Anyone wishing to buy the jig and not purchasing their digits from us the price is £700.00 + VAT.

If you’re interested in placing an order or for more information please contact us today! We’ll get back to you very soon and be happy to answer any questions you have.