Our Top 4 Domed Car Emblems and Their Meaning

By Dash Dynamics

08 February 2018

Here at Dash Dynamics, we believe that the quality of the car or auto badge can not only reflect the model in question but the quality of the entire brand, making it a recognisable symbol to anyone. When you see the Jaguar car badge you instantly think of luxury. When you see the Jeep badge you instantly think adventure. The emblems or badges affixed to the car essentially tells a story and offers a glimpse into the history of the brand.

Here we take a quick look at 4 of our top car badges and how their story has been told over the years. We also have a small insight into some facts you may not have known about the car logo. After all, a domed car badge can be the difference between a recognisable logo and a not-so-memorable brand.

Mercedes Benz

There are few people that don’t instantly recognise the distinctive three-pointed star, and while this may be so, did you know they were first seen adorning a Daimler in 1909? They were merged with the Benz laurel wreath seventeen years later as the two companies become one. The three points in their domed logo represents their planned domination of land, sea and air with their creations. The collaboration of the two has made history.


There is a popular legend about the origin of the Chevrolet bowtie. This anecdote was relayed by a journalist in AIGA publications many years ago. According to the story, GM founder William Durant visited Paris in 1907. When the wallpaper in his hotel room caught his eye, he decided to steal a sample and tuck it into his wallet. Six years later this pattern came in handy when designing the basis of the emblems for a range of cars for race car driver Louis Chevrolet.


Ever noticed that Italian supercar creators have a habit of using livestock within their logos? In Lamborghini’s case, this isn’t a coincidence. This famous car company was originally formed when Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder and tractor builder, got into an argument with Enzo Ferrari. Ferruccio complained about the quality of the clutch in the Ferrari, which made Enzo respond with “Go build your own car!” Lamborghini did just that.

His logo design was the first shot in a logo-based argument. The bull symbolised a somewhat annoyed fighting bull. This was the beginning of a supercar one-upmanship which continues to this day.

Alfa Romeo

1910; The year that the well known domed car badge was created. This is one of the few that has been in continuous use and almost unchanged for an entire century. Despite being a relatively busy logo, it is certainly easily recognisable. On the left, the red cross on a white field is the symbol of Milan, the home town of Alfa Romeo (and is also a symbol of the Crusades) and on the right, the snake symbolises the Visconti family – the family which ruled Milan. You can find out more detail here.

From the beginning of car production to this very day, car badges and emblems are vital to brand identity and the quality and reputation of its identity. Domed badges can be the difference between your brand being known for years to come and being forgotten about. Simply get in touch with the Dash Dynamics team today to find out more about our domed car and auto badges.