Promote Your Business With Custom Keyrings

By Dash Dynamics

22 July 2020

Custom keyrings are a great branding technique and amongst some of the most popular promotional available items. Here are some fantastic reasons to consider branded keyrings for your business:

Number 1: Custom keyrings are portable. These inexpensive give away’s are easily carried around by both employers and customers. Because useful, keyrings tend to be added immediately and used every day. Wherever your employee or customer travels, your brand is sure to follow!

Number 2: They are long lasting.  Unlike many other items of promotional branding, custom keyrings will stand the test of time. Clothing for example holds the potential for general wear and tear as well as fading. Once at this point individuals are less likely to  wear such items. Keyrings however are built to protect your branding, general wear and tear and even adverse weather conditions. In general, these promotional items serve their purpose. 

Number 3: Easy to customise. Company branding is intrinsic to a strategic marketing strategy. Keyrings give you the opportunity to place important information in a relatively small space. This information then acts as a constant and consistent reminder.  We recommend including a logo and valuable details such as a telephone number. Choose a design that catches attention to stand out from the crowd. Make sure your potential customers notice your company. 

Number 4: Versatility is fantastic. Keyrings are extremely versatile products. Consider your target market in the first instance. Who are they? Why do you wish to hand them a keyring? If the aim is to target a specific audience ensure the design reflects this. Teenagers for example may enjoy something bold and eye catching. Those working in a law firm however are likely to prefer their designs to look highly professional. From school children through to senior citizens, a keyring makes the perfect token gift.

Number 5: Functionality! Customised keyrings are extremely functional right? Think about it, do you know anyone who doesn’t own at least one? Serves a handy purpose for everyone, keyrings are practical, they look good and when used strategically they can prevent keys from falling down a drain (we’re sure many of you have been there)! Everyone needs keys. Everyone loses keys. We all need keyrings!

Number 6: Cost efficiency. In 2020 every company should have a marketing strategy. Of course with a plan, comes a budget. The beauty of branded keyrings as they are highly cost effective and when used have the potential to take your brand across the globe.

Handy Tip: Consider the addition of a discount code on a specific batch. This will give you an idea of return on investment. 

Number 7: Easy to distribute. They’re small, lightweight and perfect for general and specific advertising campaigns. Because they’re light you’re branded products can be handed out anywhere from the supermarket to a college or business expo. Always be sure to take plenty! They are more likely to have a positive impact in comparison to flyers or business cards as they’re useful gifts.  

Number 8: Help to increase sales. Branded materials and products help increase sales and create more openings in the business world. At busy events it is extremely difficult to catch people’s attention for even a short amount of time. Providing a gift including vital company details offers potential customers the chance to investigate you at their leisure.

Consider customised keyrings to increase overall customer enquiries. Businesses limiting themselves to specific marketing avenues could well be missing out. Contact us for more information regarding our products.