Quirky Uses for Domed Badges

By Dash Dynamics

02 March 2021

Domed badges are extremely eye catching products. Because the material is high quality they are long lasting products, ideal for multiple different uses. Today we look at some of the ways (quirky included), domed badges are used in the business world.

Clothing & Design:

 In the world of fashion, were you aware you could increase sales with the use of a carefully placed domed badge? Pop directly onto the clothes hanger or strategically to packaging and your pieces will immediately stand out. This is all part of the customer experience, legitimately enhanced using this clever marketing method. 

Beer Companies: 

Domed badges are durable and when it comes to beer drips they certainly need to be! Coupled with a robust self-adhesive these strong labels are difficult to move once firmly in place. Many beer manufacturers recommend the addition of badges to pumps. Similarly to fashion, this small yet significant addition means products stand out in a busy crowd. 

Sweet Treats: 

When it comes to something sweet, it’s not just baked goods that are part of the experience. Bold packaging definitely makes food look even more appealing and domed badges yet again enhance the customer experience. Cakes, sweets and treats reach a whole new level when packaged this way whilst brand awareness grows at a faster pace. 

Name Badges: 

Sounds like a standard addition to many a workplace, granted. There is however, a huge difference between ordinary name badges and domed. The domed 3d effect ensures employees stand out whilst boldly representing a company. Remember, it’s not just the name you have to include. Go one step further by adding a company logo and contact details. 


Both large and small companies reap the benefits when using domed labels within their marketing strategy. Cars, bikes, scooters and even caravans flourish with this method. Auto domed badges can also be cleverly utilised on more complex vehicles such as jet skis and boats. Their resistance to water and sunlight damage means there’s quite literally nothing to worry about. 

If you have any queries about domed badges and how you can use these to enhance your products, contact us today! Our high quality products include remarkable designs that will impress your customers. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us to create your perfect design!