Reasons to get participation medal badges for kids

By Chameleon

27 May 2022

Why medal badges for kids are important?

Phase 1 2017 Drivers Day Medal Badge

Trophy and medal badges for participants are an endless discussion, but the truth is that they can bring many benefits to little ones. As well as adding some fun factors to competitions, there are some other reasons why they should be included.

That is why we have pulled some nice reasons why they can be a great addition to any contest, quiz, test, or game! They include:

Encouraging learning

The impacts of a child that loses in games and quizzes can be cruel sometimes. Kids are still in the learning phase and not getting a trophy or a medal badge just as their friends got, can have psych impacts – and sometimes even bullying can happen. A participation medal can decrease this impact of the humiliation feeling and help them see how participating and trying are important and how proud we all can be of them, no matter the results. It is a matter of teaching them to see losses as an honour too.

Encouraging equality

Participation medal badges can also help to stop the sense of competition at high levels where kids can receive a negative message about competitions and take them too seriously when they should be something also to learn.

Encouraging hard work

With participant medal badges, they can get the feeling that they were almost there, encouraging the hard work. They will also encourage losers to get inspired and to participate the next time making them remember that their effort was worth it!

Encouraging group sense and team building

Not only us adults, but children also like and need, to feel like part of something and feel included. When only a few participants, usually one to three, receive the medal badges, they can get the feeling of exclusion while others would appear superior.

While it may be an inaccurate idea that children should learn to fail, medals are a great way to convey a message that success is more than just winning; it is about trying, collaborating, and learning!

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