Reasons Your Customers Will Love Domed Badges

By Dash Dynamics

01 October 2018

If you’re considering new materials for marketing, promotion or just everyday use, then it’s well worth planning your next purchases around what your customers will love – after all, the majority of the outward-facing work you do is for their benefit, and anything you can do to enhance the appearance of your business is a plus. So, if you’re looking for the ideal way to make an impact with something your customers will love, domed badges might be the perfect place to start.

Why domed badges? There are many different reasons these little bits of promotion – also known as bubble badges – are the ideal way to expand your advertising. Here are just a few:

Add That Luxurious Touch with Domed Badges

There’s nothing customers like more than to feel they have got great value for their money – and adding that extra value to a product or package is all about those little details that make all the difference. Domed badges can be an excellent way to add a touch of luxury that you don’t get with flat, or cheaper designs; the tactile and shiny finish can easily make anything look that bit more expensive. If you’re looking for the perfect way to add a luxury feel to a car, keyring or other product, a domed finish can express that sense of luxury quickly and easily, at a glance.

Resin Domed Badge

Create Greater Brand Presence

For some, a label can be a source of pride; whether it’s for a vehicle, an item of clothing or other products, choosing to buy branded can often be a conscious choice. Offering clear, easy-to-see branding is an excellent way to get across your message and business style, and utilising domed badges for this can be a great way to increase your brand presence. Whether it’s on a keyring or on a car, domed badges not only provide a way to display the branding of a product; it also contains a protective material that means it lasts longer and is protected against the elements.

Something Different

Not only are domed badges more versatile and appealing to look at than standard vinyl stickers or designs, they’re also more eye-catching and unique, adding interest to any packaging or product. For customers who enjoy great, attractive-looking branding, utilising domed badges can add that extra something special to the design of the product, and can provide long-lasting interest to whatever you’re trying to brand. If you want to stand out, domed badges can help you do just that.

Designs that Last

Nothing is worse than your new vehicle, product or item looking old before its time. With classic branding, removal may be required to ensure the item continues to look new, as wear and tear will occur over time, as well as fading and scratching. Unlike standard badge designs, a domed badge has that extra layer of protection that keeps any branding looking new for longer. A domed badge is more than capable of weathering most environments, looking new and shiny for longer.

Add Some Identity

For vehicles and other related packaging, adding a domed badge can be the perfect way to add identity or style, without the impact or cost of larger modifications or additions. For situations in which an existing display piece or decorative item has been lost on a vehicle, replacing it with a domed badge is an excellent way to introduce a long lasting alternative, and make the brand of that product known. For customers who love that finishing touch, a domed badge is an excellent final flourish to add a little more personality to your design.

If you’re considering domed, resin badges for your next campaign, product or series, look no further. At Dash Dynamics, our experience in creating domed badges that look great and last longer ensures that your customers will fall in love with your product much faster. Contact us today to find out more about our domed badge creation services. We look forward to hearing from you.