Small Production Runs Vs Large Bulk Orders

By Dash Dynamics

27 December 2017

Here at Dash Dynamics we deal with both small production runs and larger bulk orders; both present many benefits for various reasons. Whether you just need a set of wheel centres for your newly purchased or refurbished alloy wheels or you need a large order as a supplier, we can help! But what exactly are the benefits of both and which one is best for you?

Bulk Orders

· Save Money – Buying in bulk usually saves you money in general. This is the case in terms of any product. At Dash Dynamics, when it comes to any large bulk trade orders we improve rates. Volume means saving money, and means it benefits you as well as us!

· Reduce Time – When ordering your specific products, it can take up some valuable time that you could be spending involved in other business matters. If you know you will be needing more than one of the certain product you will save time in the long run to bulk order. Lead times are still fast as once your product is designed and proofed our machines can quickly produce your order ready for dispatch.

· Economy and Environment – Buying in bulk isn’t just great for you and your business needs, but it’s also beneficial to the environment and the economy. Firstly, you will be creating less waste from packaging which results in fewer resources and energy. Not only is this through the reduction in packaging, but the product can be shipped or mailed in the same amount of space, reducing emissions.

Small Production

 · Quick Turnaround Time – A small amount of orders usually means a smaller amount of production time, which essentially means a smaller amount of turnaround time. This means the product can get to your door quicker! Our turnaround time is fantastic and if you order before 1 p.m. the order will be produced the same day and after overnight curing will be sent the following day via first class! (Dependant on size)

· Only What You Need– Sometimes you simply only need the one or two products. Whether this be a domed name badge for a new member of staff or keyrings for your personal vehicles. If you order what you don’t need you could be wasting time, money and resources.

· Space Saving – By only ordering what you need, you will be saving on space which you would be otherwise utilising to store your bulk orders. Of course, this depends on the size and type of product.

· Better For Your Cash Flow – Why order the vast numbers some manufacturers demand when here at Dash Dynamics we can supply your needs quickly and economically. By adopting this route, you don’t need to have your valuable funds tied up in stock for months on end. In fact we love customers who adopt this approach as you tend to remember us and our great service for the next time you need to order.

 · Greater Flexibility In Design – So what happens if you want to change your design and you still have that stack of stock? Well, you either don’t change and live with that dated design or you throw your remaining stock in the bin, which is both bad for your bank balance and the environment Smaller order quantities give you that flexibility of change, result!

For Dash Dynamics, unlike many of our competitors, we specialise in small production runs, however also believe that size matters, which is why we also produce bigger orders, with improved rates. Feel free to pick up the phone and contact us to find out about the costs against volume.