Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Domed Labels

By Dash Dynamics

03 January 2018

Domed labels can be found virtually everywhere, as they’re a popular option for many different businesses, big or small. The reason for this is that there are many advantages to opting for domed labels and badges, especially if you want your customers to notice your brand.

We have already seen how domed labels can help your business, but now we’re taking a deeper look at the reasons behind this. What are the specific benefits that domed products can offer? What are you getting when you choose domed labels?

1. Aesthetic Appeal

There is no denying that domed labels are attractive and eye-catching, which is exactly what you need if you want people to take notice. The 3D aesthetic adds depth to the product and contributes hugely to this appeal, which is further enhanced by the glossy look of the label. The aesthetic value of these products is high, then, as doming them can take an already great-looking label to new heights.

2. Tactile Appeal

One of the great things about these types of labels is that not only they look good, but they also feel good to touch. Many people are attracted to the shiny, smooth feel of domed labels and badges, which is fantastic, as it makes them want to go ahead and touch them. This, of course, adds to their marketability!

3. Durability

Domed labels are incredibly sturdy and durable, so they will last for a very long time. What’s more, they are incredibly useful when it comes to ensure your branding is protected against scratches, fading and discolouration, as well as dirt, chemicals, UV light, and adverse weather conditions.

They are, therefore, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, as they won’t go cloudy and will remain clear and visible for years to come.

4. Versatility

Domed labels can be used by many industries in a variety of settings – as well as on a range of products – which makes them incredibly versatile. If you wish to place them on a piece of machinery, on a domestic appliance, or on a motorcycle, for example, you can be confident that you’ll be able to do so, as domed stickers can be placed nearly everywhere.

5. Dimensionality

The 3D element of a domed label offers something special in addition to a great aesthetic. Its dimensionality helps to make your logo, text or branding stand out from the crowd. It’s crucial that your message is unique and pops out, as standing apart from the competition can give you a boost in profit when it comes to business. Doming a label or badge can help to make it more interesting and contemporary.

We understand the importance of doming a logo or branding message, which is why we specialise in high-quality doming services that you can definitely benefit from. Allow us to create the perfect stickers for your business by contacting us on 01995 606158, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs with you.