Unique Uses for Domed Products

By Dash Dynamics

30 November 2018

At Dash Dynamics, we specialise in the design and manufacture of resin domed badges for a range of applications across a variety of industries. You may not realise it, but domed products have a variety of unique uses that far exceed what you might expect.

If you’re utilising domed products for the promotional items for your business, you should be aware of all the different, unique range of applications. Here’s a look at what you can do with domed products and their benefits for brand awareness.

Domed Badges for Marketing Purposes

Your brand is your company’s image, and it’s important that it is always presented in the best possible light. Whether it’s at a convention or exhibition, your business should stand out with its promotional products, not blend into the background. High-quality promotional products are important for these events; they help to strike up a conversation with potential customers by serving as an eye-catching focal point. Domed products can help this further.

Having domed promotional products is a conversation starter in itself, highlighting your company’s branding, such as your logo, and providing people with products they may not have come across before. These products can also function as a potential business card for your business, offering clients a recognisable item that will leave a lasting impression, thereby ensuring your business sticks in their minds.

Protection from Key Damage

Domed stickers are often used for vehicles, such as motorbikes, to provide vital information, or for branding purposes to customise a fleet of vehicles; but did you know that they can actually help protect a motorbike’s paint? When riding, keys often hang down onto the side of a motorcycle or on the top yoke, and they can seriously scratch up the paint work. Additionally, a poorly placed key could cause deep scratches that could be difficult and/or expensive to fix.

At Dash Dynamics, we can produce dedicated, resin domed protection for these areas, including your business details so that your brand is always in your customers’ sight. You could even commission your logo onto a quality keyring to raise brand awareness further.

Jewellery and Cufflinks

Domed products don’t have to just be additions to vehicles or various stationary products; our domed products can also be used to make jewellery and cufflinks. Domed jewellery is a unique selling point for a business; it can set your brand apart and help to offer your clients a unique style. Exhibitions really lend themselves to these kinds of products, having branded domed jewellery and cufflinks is a great conversation starter, which could very well serve as the deciding factor that helps a client choose your business over the competition.

Maintenance Sticker

Business cards have the disadvantage of becoming easily lost. A potential client takes a business card and puts it in their pocket or in their bag and it becomes worn and damaged and eventually gets thrown away, if it ever gets found again at all. The advantage of domed products is that they are much more substantial, making people more likely to hang onto them and keep them within sight.

For businesses such as those servicing fridges and boilers, for example, having a domed sticker with your company logo and contact information will mean that clients are likely to call to enlist in your services when needed. Domed stickers are also important for properties being rented by tenants; a domed sticker containing the relevant contact information for the landlord or estate agent company will call attention in a simple, non-intrusive way, meaning that contact information is easily accessible and not in danger of being lost. At Dash Dynamics, we can dome stickers of all sizes, ensuring we find the right solution for your business.

Domed products can really serve as a unique selling point for your business. With so many applications available and complete customisation, domed products are the ideal way to build brand awareness and build up a loyal client base. At Dash Dynamics, all our products are tailor-made to your requirements, including small volume production. For a cost-effective and professional way to enhance and brand your products or promote your company, contact us today. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have.