Why Every Small Cleaning Business Needs Domed Badges

By Dash Dynamics

19 June 2018

Sometimes, small businesses can struggle to get their brand and services known within the local community. Although word of mouth plays a huge role in helping to gain new customers and retain current ones, a strong visual brand logo is also required.

One way in which to help spread the word about your local cleaning business is through the use of domed badges and stickers from Dash Dynamics.

Use Domed Badges Anywhere

One benefit of the domed badge is that it can be used anywhere – outside your office building, on your fleet of vehicles, inside your office…the possibilities are endless!

Domed badges are tough, durable, and fully weather resistant. They do not tarnish easily and can withstand the unpredictable English weather that we are all so accustomed to.

Manufacturers: Personalise Your Equipment

Domed badges can also be used to personalise any of your equipment. This helps to create a professional image while promoting your services at the same time.

Place domed badges on your hand dryers, cleaning trolleys, disposal bins and on laptops or carrying cases all for simple and effective ways to promote your company whilst on the go.

Team your company logo with personalised dome stickers on any paperwork or promotional material that you give to customers to raise brand awareness, whilst also encouraging brand trust.

Free Advertising

Domed badges are especially important to smaller businesses, such as local cleaning companies, due to the organic free advertising that they inspire.

Domed badges provide aesthetically pleasing, yet subtle ways of ensuring that the public see your brand and associated services. All of which is done without any sales pitch or hard sell and requires zero effort.

Consistency is Important

Domed badges and stickers can help to portray brand consistency within any size of business. It is important that the logo used on your cleaning website is the same one that is used on all promotional material and your personally designed domed badge, to reflect a reliable, consistent and professional company that your customers can rely on.

Visually Attractive and Professional

Domed logos are visually attractive and tactile. They also cast a professional light on your business, encouraging customer interest over your competitors. The way in which you use signage is incredibly important, as a professional domed badge will signify to customers that you offer a professional service that can be trusted.


A major factor in all small business decisions is cost. Minimum expenditure has to create maximum revenue, and this is something that Dash Dynamics understands wholly.

Domed badges are incredibly cost effective for all businesses, yet specifically the small business. When you need to watch your outgoings and have a limited budget to spend on advertising and promotion, look no further than domed badges.

Based in Garstang, Dash Dynamics can make resin domed badges and labels that are customised for local businesses. To find out more about how we can help your local cleaning business, contact one of our friendly team of experts today on 01995 606158.