Why Invest in Custom Keyrings?

By Dash Dynamics

12 December 2019

Are you a company looking to stay at the forefront of your customers minds? Brand awareness is important for every business and we have the means to help achieve this. Today we are looking at custom keyrings and their benefits. 

Brand recognition contributes to building a solid reputation. The more people see your name the more familiar they become with your brand. Through familiarity comes trust and through this confidence, sales will increase. 

Custom keyrings provide consumers with a useful keepsake both you and they benefit from. Whilst the customer has an item suitable for long term use, you remain visible to them on a daily basis. What are the additional benefits of a custom keyring?

Quality & Affordable

Marketing strategies can potentially cost thousands and it’s important to allocate budget wisely in order to reach the widest audience. Customised keyrings are a cost-effective solution in helping to reach the masses. Everybody enjoys a ‘freebie’ and with a high quality product that doesn’t cost the earth, keyrings are the perfect solution. In contrast to leaflets, magazines and articles in newspapers, keyrings are used on a daily basis ultimately making them value for money.

Profit Through Emotion

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve all done it; lost our keys whilst in a hurry! Consider the relief you feel upon finding them! Now step into the shoes of a customer. Each time they find their keys they will see your branded, custom keyring. Just like the consumer behaviour feeling of Pavlov and his dogs, a person experiences the conditioned reflex of relief. This subconsciously becomes associated with your brand!

Practical Reminders

We’ve touched on the practicalities of keyrings already. The fact you are giving customers something they can use every day means you’re providing added value to your brand. When considering branded materials many resort to pens and mugs in the first instance. Whilst useful, pens run out and go missing and no one takes a mug everywhere they go! The same can’t necessarily be said for keys. Keyrings are an ideal personal possession helping companies remain prominent.

Repeat Exposure

A keyring is a practical, portable item allowing companies to maintain and grow brand exposure. The trust you build through consistent recognition should be the main goal of every business and their marketing efforts. By making an impact with eye-catching designs you’re being persistent without effort resulting in repeat exposure.

Great Hooks!

Custom keyrings could potentially be the hook required when converting enquiries and leads to sales. Not only are these free gifts fantastic when attending expos and markets they are ideal to be given away with each purchase. Additionally, these fantastic promotional items are great for trades people. Leave one with your customer and wait for the repeat business! 

When it comes to brand awareness, custom keyrings are ideal. At Dash Dynamics, we provide these and other professional merchandise to help your company grow.