Why You Should Leave Your Company Details on Products You’ve Supplied

By Dash Dynamics

12 October 2017

If you are a company that supplies products for others, have you considered printing your company details on the products you are supplying? At Dash Dynamics, our printing services can help benefit your business greatly. They bring more advantages than you may think, here are four reasons why you should leave your company details on products you have supplied.  

Low-Cost Marketing

One of the hardest things about owning a business is getting your name known and your brand out there in the market, and sometimes, this can be a costly requirement. However, a benefit of printing your company details on products results in a cheaper and easier way of marketing your business.

Builds Your Reputation

A great example of how this service can build your reputation, can be when supplying a boiler. You have the option of having your contact details printed, allowing you to be easily contacted by any potential or future consumers.  If you have supplied a quality boiler to a consumer, and they are highly impressed with the product, they can see your details are already there, and this can increase business and revenue in the future.

If your contact details are easily accessible to the customer, they are more likely to contact you should any issues arise in the future. Not only does this mean more business for you, it means that you don’t have to worry about poor repair work being done, which could possible tarnish the reputation of your product.


Providing your details on a product results in your logo looking more professional and ensures that your customer recognises you as a legitimate business. Customers are looking for professionalism, and this printing service can deliver this.

More Effective

Printing your company details is an alternative marketing process to handing out business cards. Business cards are easily thrown away or put into a drawer and forgotten about. This costs businesses money if they are creating cards and not gaining any customers from their marketing.

By having your details already on the product, they cannot be thrown away and are immediately visible when the customer looks at the product you supplied. This is a great way of bringing in further customers in the future who could have gone to competitors.

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