5 More Unique Uses for Domed Stickers

By Dash Dynamics

21 November 2017

In our day-to-day lives, we can take advantage of the little things, as it just seems a given. The finer details on many products can make the finishing touches, and this includes domed labelling and stickers.

Domed stickers can be found in many places, and here at Dash Dynamics we like to go above and beyond to create a final product which reflects a high-quality product.

Everyday items which we use on a regular basis such as cars, sanitary bins and even washing machines include these stickers, however there are many other products which you wouldn’t necessarily think about which also have them and are extremely important.

Here are just five of those products where you would find a domed sticker. How many can you say you’ve witnessed?

Domed Stickers for Vehicles

There are many uses of domed badges and stickers within the motor industry. Everything from branding a product before you sell it to a customer, to registration plate stickers, is important within many businesses.

Many businesses like to brand the products before passing the goods onto the customer, and this also goes for the motor industry. Every vehicle – from a mobility scooter to a motorhome and a scooter could benefit from a business sticker before the customer buys. This doesn’t just build brand awareness, but due to their mobility, they will be seen by others.

Domed Stickers for Food Labelling

Whether you realise it or not, there are stickers on food packaging, and the domed format gives them the luxury effect. You may have seen these stickers on wine bottles before as well as luxury brands of chocolates and other edibles.

Other places you may find them is on cupcake boxes and other luxurious treats. Independent and smaller food labels and bakers can benefit from these as they give the feel of extra care and personalisation.

Domed Stockers for Medical and Hygiene Stickers

Seen in public bathrooms and in many medical environments such as hospitals, doctors surgeries and pharmacists are the humble domed sticker.

While a simple addition to everyday items, it makes us aware of the company which provided us with the comfortable experience.

It also allows you as a business to receive any queries, requests and praise as your details can be on the domes sticker or badge. The below are two examples from Principal Hygiene and Millennium Hygiene Services, who both provide washroom services. For these types of businesses, the detail is everything and cleanliness is key- both of which this quality sticker reflects.

Domed Stockers for Beer Pumps

Whether you like to have a pint on a Friday after work, or you are the one spending your Friday pulling pints, we’ve all seen a beer pump.

But have you noticed the branding on them? And even more importantly, the domed sticker on it?

This is probably one of the domed stickers which isn’t noticed as much as the obvious ones, however, is important not just for branding, but for customers to know which beverage their drink of choice will be!

Domed Stockers for Washing Machine Buttons

One item we all use, and on a regular basis… the washing machine. However, you’ve probably never noticed the domed stickers which indicate the wash cycle?

This simple yet necessary detail on a washing machine is probably one you’ve never really noticed before, however it’s not just washing machines that need this aspect.

Other appliances and businesses who supply these benefit from domed stickers, not just for practicality and functionality of their product but also for branding aspects too.

Here at Dash Dynamics we are proud producers of high quality domed badge and stickers and believe the effect created from these are one which any business owner and product creator would be proud to use.

If you would like to know any more information about how we can create a domed sticker or badge for you and how it would benefit you, simply get in touch with us today. We would love to discuss your business needs and the next steps for you.

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