Difference between 3D and 4D number plate letters

As evolutions of the standard number plates, which are made from acrylic and flat letters printed, the 3D gel and 4D acrylic number plate letters stand out from the others and offer a different design and premium look. 3D and 4D number plates are both very popular. 4D Acrylic digits are now more common than…

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Certified Number Plate Digit Manufacturer

Certified supplier of 4D acrylic and 3D gel number plate digits As the government wants to ensure better durability and compatibility between the number plates and the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, the new technical standards and characteristics regulating the production of number plates have changed by including quite a few new rules, and we…

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Why Number Plates are the Perfect Side Hustle Idea

Increasingly, individuals are looking for more ways to supplement their income. Whether they want something more flexible to their location or schedule or if they just want a little extra cash in hand, the side hustle is a great idea for anyone. Becoming a registered number plate supplier is an excellent side hustle idea for…

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Irish Number Plate Rules and Regulations

Unlike their British counterparts, the Irish number plate system follows different rules and regulations. To make sure your company is compliant, Dash Dynamics offers our guide to the rules and regulations. Registration Format The registration format for an Irish number plate includes similar information to that of a British one. A plate includes the year…

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Number Plates Then & Now

RM18 3D GEL Number Plate Letters

Number plates have been around for many years, yet we seem to lack the knowledge of how they actually came about and of course who invented them.  Number plates can be personalised and this very common among this generation. However, when buying a car number plates automatically come with it. So why is this? Who invented…

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Number Plates, the DVLA & Brexit!


Here at Dash Dynamics we provide DVLA approved 3D and 4D number plate letters to companies across the UK. Whilst Brexit is not our topic of choice we recently came across a great article showing some personalised number plates available to commemorate leaving the EU. Would any of your customers go down this route….? Leaving Europe January 2020…

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Government Incentives for Green Number Plate Incentives

Green Earth logo

And when we say green, we mean in both colour and environmentally! It’s recently been announced that the government are looking to to launch a consultation on the introduction of green number plates. This will close on 14th January 2020. The new number plates will be used for zero emission vehicles and offer benefits on cheaper…

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Discussing 4D Number Plates

HW 3D Gel Number Plate Letters

At Dash Dynamics we know you will be aware of 3D number plates. They visibly stand out from other vehicles, looking great in showrooms and providing the perfect extras for customers. Looking great they add to the overall aesthetics of a vehicle. So how familiar are you with 4D number plates? Today we are investigating the…

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