Custom and Personalised Name Badges

By Chameleon

02 March 2022

Custom and Personalised Name Badges

Personalised name badges have many benefits for members of staff, especially for those working in large corporations or with the general public.

Many companies only require name badges to be worn during working hours however, the reality is these are put on at home before a shift therefore without even realising you are already advertising for your company name. When working with the general public consumers often require assistance from members of staff within the company, this may be to find a product, request a price check or for general information on the store. Wearing a personalised name badge ensures you are swiftly identifiable to all members of the public when needed.

If you work for a large corporation, the chances are you are not going to know every one of your colleagues with who you come into contact. Displaying personalised name badges eliminates any awkwardness that may occur when having to greet each other or ask a question. Personalised name badges also benefit new employees who may feel under pressure to remember every member of staffs name.

personalised name badnges

Pronoun Personalised Name Badges

More recently, with changing times, name badges are being produced with ‘pronoun’ names, the main agenda is to ensure you are being addressed in the correct manner. Pronoun name badges are tailored to the individual to avoid mis gendered mistakes and upset caused when gender assumptions are made.

The new approach to personalised name badges has been positively received by the general public. Taking that on board a handful of large corporate companies have now rolled out the new style of pronoun name badges, winning admirers for doing so. Predictions see that many companies are now due to follow.

Dash Dynamics are producers of personalised name badges with an extremely fast turnaround, these can include company logos, pronoun names and designed to suit your requirements. Contact us today and we will be happy to assist with your order.