Discussing 4D Number Plates

By Dash Dynamics

20 October 2019

At Dash Dynamics we know you will be aware of 3D number plates. They visibly stand out from other vehicles, looking great in showrooms and providing the perfect extras for customers. Looking great they add to the overall aesthetics of a vehicle. So how familiar are you with 4D number plates? Today we are investigating the benefits and how they differ. When will your company upgrade further?

Let’s investigate;

When hearing the terminology ‘4D’, it’s likely this most resonates with a cinematic experience. For example, you may have enjoyed watching a film in 3D whilst chairs vibrate and move, you feel gentle splashes of rain and see clouds of smoke. This same definition does not apply to 4D plates.

4D Plate Definition

It’s quite straightforward. Taking the concept of 3D each number and letter is specifically cut using a laser and bonded onto the actual plate itself. Characters ‘pop out’ instantly and vehicles gain the 4D look because they are in fact, four dimensional. When creating standard number plate letters, characters are printed directly onto plates.

Why Purchase 4D Plates?

Due to the bold appearance each character presents registration plates contain additional depth and distinction when using the 4D method. Cars stand out and look highly unique.

What are 4D Plates Made From?

At Dash Dynamics we only use top quality perspex and acrylic for letters and numbers. Our materials are robust and built to last. Backed with 3M adhesive, fitting plates is not only straightforward it’s a clean process with strong results. It’s not advised to use standard glue, super glue or even acetone. These products can damage plates.

Stay Within the Law

We will only supply to companies that are DVLA approved. At Dash Dynamics we are fully in compliance with Section II of the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations. This means all our number plate letters and numbers are completely legally compliant.

Combining 3D & 4D for a Truly Unique Offering

With an exclusive edge, 4D letters are becoming even more sought after by car enthusiasts. At Dash Dynamics we have combined 3D and 4D in order to give your customers all the benefits of both in one. All 3D number plate letters and 4D characters are manufactured to the same cut files and this means both products can be successfully combined. Results show luxurious registration plates tailored to individuality. What are you waiting for?