Number Plates, the DVLA & Brexit!

By Dash Dynamics

19 December 2019

Here at Dash Dynamics we provide DVLA approved 3D and 4D number plate letters to companies across the UK. Whilst Brexit is not our topic of choice we recently came across a great article showing some personalised number plates available to commemorate leaving the EU. Would any of your customers go down this route….?

Leaving Europe January 2020

As the UK is set to leave Europe on 31st January 2020 the DVLA are offering registrations to mark the occasion. These can be used as of 1st March 2020. Should any of the mentioned dates alter, reassurances have been made that once purchased, number plates can be kept for 10 years and installed later on.

Collectors Items

Just like commemorative coins, a Brexit related number plate could potentially be worth more than its initial value years down the line. Advice suggests keeping hold of certification when buying a new personalised plate.

New 2020 Personalised Registrations

Brexit aside, plates for 2020 are offering lots of new variations to vehicle enthusiasts. Numerous original combinations are available to purchase now from National Numbers. If you’re interested, why not head over and take a look? Examples include ‘LU20 CY’ and ‘JA20 NE’.

Number Plate Revenue

In 2017, £111million from personalised number plates was generated in revenue. Perhaps even more astounding is the £1.8billion generated since 1989!

New Plate Warning

It is believed that new number plates cannot be used on older cars as this potentially gives a vehicle more than its actual value. The idea is to avoid the quality understanding of cars and to ensure those buying understand specifically the make, model and year of vehicle they’re buying.

Number Plate Laws & the DVLA

As we briefly mentioned above, everything carried out at Dash Dynamics is done so strictly to relevant regulations. Our number plate letters are DVLA approved and we make this clear when working with other companies.

Fines of up to £1000

A number plate is almost like a passport and is specific to an exact car. Just as passports should not be altered, registration plates have to remain within guidelines. Each character must be 79mm tall with a thickness of 14mm. Italics are strictly forbidden with the font universal. 3D characters are allowed providing they fit within this protocol.

Failure to display plates correctly could incur drivers a fine of up to £1000. All our number plate characters are designed and manufactured to the correct standards.