Owners Club Badges – The Singer Sport

By Dash Dynamics

22 June 2021

Dash Dynamics is extremely familiar with the world of automotive – its how we got our start! Any time an owners club member approaches us with a unique request, we know that we are the right company to do it.

The owner of this beautifully restored 1930’s Singer Sport approached us with a special problem. The Singer Sport is a long discontinued vehicle produced at a time when manufacturer branding was not a priority. This model had no rear badge as a standard component – a staple for vehicles of today’s age.

Wanting to show his pride for the car, the owner requested a custom Singer Sports badge. Working with the team at Dash, the design was created from scratch and manufactured in-house.

Singer Sports vehicle badge for owners club member

“I’m afraid my eagle eye cannot see anything wrong with any of them.” The owner said about the badges. Following that, a small run of badges have been produced for the club. “I’m still chatting with the guys in the club and see if they want anything else.”

With any luck, these badges will last as long as the vehicle itself. That is because the resin dome feature of these badges provides an added layer of protection from the elements – a must for vehicles!

Dash is over-the-moon to provide the owners club with a product that shows their mutual appreciation of these fantastic vehicles. Now, they can ride in style, paying tribute to the company that manufactured them.

If you are part of an owners club or running a rally or event and are in need of custom badges or keyrings for your members or vehicles, feel free to contact us today!