Elevate your event with Domed Badges!

Domed Badges With a cool and smooth 3d shape, the Domed badges can help you to elevate your event to high levels, while also helping you with branding recognition. It doesn’t matter if you will have a big or small event, domed badges are just great for all kinds of events, be it a conference,…

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Owners Club Badges – The Singer Sport

Dash Dynamics is extremely familiar with the world of automotive – its how we got our start! Any time an owners club member approaches us with a unique request, we know that we are the right company to do it. The owner of this beautifully restored 1930’s Singer Sport approached us with a special problem.…

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Representing Brands with Wheel Badges

Mercedes custom Alloy Wheel centre badges

When running any company, one of the most challenging parts of making your name known is brand representation. How can you stand out from the competition when you all seem to be using the same kind of platforms for advertising? One solution that is often left behind, though, is that of wheel badges. With wheel badges,…

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Undisclosed Historical Meanings of Auto Badges

Front of Car

Following on from one of our recent blogs, Vehicle Badge History, we are going to delve a little bit deeper into the secret past of famous brands auto badges.  Looking at a range of well-known vehicles we’ll let you decide which version of events to believe.  When it comes to auto badges you’re unlikely to think twice. Do…

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The Coolest Car Badges of all Time!

Jaguar Car Badge

We are looking at some of the coolest car badges ever created. These are of course by opinion of the Dash Dynamics team and we would love to hear about any you find particularly amazing.  Let’s dive in with the Isdera Located right at the front of this speedy race style vehicle is a diving hawk. The…

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Vehicle Badge History Lesson

Ford Domed Badges

Whether you’re a vehicle manufacturer, re-seller or car enthusiast, we’re sure you’ll be aware of some facts attached to vehicle badge history. Not necessarily all of them though…. Let’s begin with Audi Do you know what the four rings on an audi badge represent? It’s actually Germany’s four oldest car makers which are comprised of Audi, DKW, Horch & Wanderer. …

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Animal Symbolism in Logo Design

Peugot Car Badge

Since the dawn of the simile, people have always used animals to make real world parallels. How often have you come across phrases like ‘as sly as a fox’, ‘as blind as a bat’ or ‘as busy as a bee’? Animals, in all their unique glory and millions of variations, are the perfect way to…

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