Personalised Name Badges

Why A Personalised Name Badge Is So Important?

Personalised name badges help businesses provide a branded badging solution to their employees, by helping with public and internal company recognition.

Sales Man Wearing Name Badge

Personalised Name Badges For Public Recognition

If your company works directly with the public or clients that often require assistance, a personalised name badge helps deliver a good image and professionalism by creating a good first impression. Name Badges will help your staff when in big events or even big stores where your staff need to be recognised by someone who needs assistance.

They will help prevent any customer to have a clear idea of who they are speaking to or who they spoke to before, making it easier to solve problems if anything goes wrong or hopefully, to make any compliment they may have.


Personalised Name Badges For Internal Staff

If your company is big and has a lot of staff, the personalised name badges are also a great deal for internal reasons as most people – or probably no one - don’t know everybody’s name in the company. They will be good for identification when needed to contact or be contacted, eliminating any awkwardness when talking to someone you don’t remember or simply correctly addressing who you are looking for.

Pronoun Personalised Name Badges

Pronoun personalised name badges help to ensure everyone in the company is being addressed correctly, avoiding misgendered mistakes and disappointments. Many companies are now being admired for doing it so as they also ensure all staff will have the respect they need.

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We also produce company logos to match your requirements with many options to accompany the company logo with different colours, attachments, and shapes, where the special shapes can have a sensible lead time. We also try to produce badges for new members of staff on the same day the order is placed if the artwork has been previously approved.

We deliver the best in quality and customer service, such as using plastic as the backing system material, stopping any possibility of the badge being bent in service, making sure you will be in good hands. Contact us for any queries or discover some of our other services here.

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