The Big Number Plate Debate: Personalised, Yes or No?

By Dash Dynamics

04 October 2019

At Dash Dynamics we focus around the provision of number plates to companies within the automotive industry. Over the years we have created and sent thousands of 3D and 4D characters across the UK. Working in similar industries, we would love to know your thoughts on personalised plates. Are they a status symbol or simply a ‘nice to have’? Do you get many customers with personalised plates? 

Let’s investigate;

We’ll begin with the costs. Would it surprise you to learn that in 2018 the DVLA raised £67 million in sales on personalised plates? With amounts as high as this it appears such plates are no longer reserved for the elite.

Used Specifically for Identification

You are likely familiar with how countries across the world have developed a way to identify vehicles through specific, personalised plates. Some of these countries include Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Australia. But do you know the costs attached? 

Let’s look at some of the most expensive number plates;

In Dubai, two businessmen have put their hard earned cash into number plates. The first is ‘1’ and the second is ‘5’. Are you ready for the price tag? ‘1’ sold for a cool £7.25 million with ‘5’ slightly more affordable at just £6.6 million! But are these prices worth it? What’s the most expensive number plate you’ve witnessed from a customer? 

OK so personalised plates do not have to cost quite this much and as we have already touched on, they are much more affordable in 2019. 

Creating the Perfect Plate

There are so many different ways of coming up with the perfect number plate. People often like to combine birth dates, weddings or anniversaries. Some enjoy adding in their favourite sports team in a bid to further show support. Those proud of where they live may introduce some form of lettering to reflect this. Foods, pets, funny words, the list goes on. What’s the best plate you’ve ever seen?

Amusing Plates

It’s likely you have at some point seen a number plate that’s made you chuckle. We’re going to list a few whilst keeping it clean!

  • B1 00P
  • L0L F1AIL
  • S1LLY
  • SK11 LLS
  • D1 TT0

What Are Your Thoughts?

From meaningful to amusing, there’s a personalised plate to suit anyone’s taste. The question is, do you or would you feel comfortable sporting one? What impact does this have on your car? With affordable prices you can certainly stand out and be recognised, the question is…. Do you want to be?